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Without The Pain Of Being On A Low Fat Diet!

Impossible?? Not in the slightest. Really. not one bit. You CAN start losing weight this week, and what’s more, with these 20 simple ways to start losing weight this week, it really doesn’t have to mean pain and misery!

It does need a change of thinking though…


After all, Einstein famously said “We Cannot solve problems with the same kind of thinking we used when we created them”(and he was a proper clever bloke!). Or, “Insanity: Doing the same thing over and over again and expecting different results!”

I love both those quotes, but I think the second one really resonates with me!

So why do we do the same thing when it comes to losing weight, and expect to get a different result this time? Ok, we might try a different version of dieting, to see if that will work…we’ve had everything from the days of Rosemary’s Conley’s cookbooks in the 80’s to the vegan trend that’s all the rage at the moment. I even remember having a go at the Cabbage Soup Diet back in the day, and that was not pleasant for my fellow gym goers, I can tell you!

All of these things have one word in common. DIET. Which is where the in-built failure occurs, unfortunately. This is for all sorts of reasons. I spoke about how going on a diet, automatically makes you a done deal, in this blog


So how are we going to lose weight without that mythical state ‘Being On A Diet’?


Here are 20 things you can start doing today…


  1. Getting off the diet. Simple. Because food is your therapy. Your body craves it every single day, and that will never go away! So step one HAS to be letting go of being on a diet. There is  another way to lose weight that is actually sustainable. Which leads me to:
  2. Changing what you mean by the word ‘diet’. Rather than something that has a beginning, middle and an end, the word ‘diet’ actually means “What you eat”. This automatically changes a regime into a lifestyle. Something that goes on for the rest of your life. It changes everything, and turns your weight loss success 180 degrees around. So begin to tell yourself “I’m ditching the diet, it’s time for a change” Every single morning.
  3. So why do something as simple as that? Because you will automatically halt the Morning Cross-Examination of “What did I eat yesterday? Why did I eat rubbish when I didn’t want to?” quickly followed by “How many calories were in it” and my all-time favourite “will I manage to not do it today??” Instead you’ll be doing something really positive to start your day…what a brilliant idea!
  4. Following on with morning routines. Put the scales in the airing cupboard, or the fridge. Anywhere, basically that means you can’t immediately access them first thing. Then make a drink  instead…that way the scales won’t be accurate afterwards…after all you’ll be too heavy with all that liquid won’t you? Let’s get back to a better way of managing your weight, which is far less brutal.
  5. Measure yourself. If I were you, just around you under-bust (the mid-rib area for men) as it doesn’t tend to fluctuate too much on a daily basis. Then just measure every couple of weeks. Simple. No more scales drama. Do you like the idea of that? Or does it scare you a little? It did me at first, but the feeling was amazing after I’d weaned myself of my reliance on them. And guess what… I didn’t pile the weight on, of course!
  6. You could even just decide to go on what your clothes tell you! How about buying something gorgeous that’s the next size down, and trying it on every few weeks? Much more exciting than the bast*rd scales!
  7. Imagine having plenty of time to get something right. If you change to a whole new lifestyle, you take the pressure off yourself to lose weight immediately. You give yourself TIME. Time to learn a new way of doing things. Take away the time limits, and give yourself chance to let it happen naturally. It’s been proven that putting a time limit on weight loss produces the opposite effect, so don’t be tempted! If you have a holiday coming up in a few weeks, then take it a little at a time, and try not to focus on the end result…just enjoy your little wins along the way. Nobody will bat an eyelid at you when you’re on the beach anyway!
  8. Give yourself Time to make mistakes. I call mistakes ‘Learnings’ when working with my clients and groups, because that’s what they really are. A chance to learn what doesn’t work for you…it’s just as important as knowing what does, and this is when real change begins to happen.
  9. Then really immerse yourself in the process. We learn a lot more easily when were not rushed or pressured. Enjoy this new time and see it as a personal development process, rather than another boring diet. This is transformation, baby!! How about keeping a journal?
  10. Sending a message to yourself that you’re finally off the diet will have a wonderful response from your body…she’s been waiting for this since the start of your long and illustrious dieting career. FEEL her relief! And so sitting in a happy body makes weight loss 100 % easier…you’ll be working with her, not against her from now on. Take time every single morning to say a words of thanks to your body. This is another lovely morning routine. Take just one minute to FEEL your body and send a sense of gratitude for her and all she does for you.
  11. Your body is like a small child, so the carrot is most definitely preferable to the stick! Be nice to yourself, and look for really comforting stress solutions rather than the biscuit tin. How about sorting all your old clothes out the wardrobe, or writing a journal? Learning judo? Who knows? What really floats your boat as something that makes you feel better for ages afterwards? Once again, not only are you stopping the bad habit, you’re actively creating a new one, and sending a deep message of comfort to yourself.
  12. LISTEN to your body. Children loved to be listened to, and your body is always trying to tell you what she wants. Are you hungry? Or maybe she’s just tired and needs a rest, rather than fuel? Or maybe fluids? Perhaps her nervous system just needs a bit of time out from social media? Only you know, but if you start to send those messages of thanks to her ever morning, you’ll be fine-tuning your communication skills no end, and she’ll soon respond so hear her more clearly.
  13. So, you’re off the diet, nicer to yourself, and deciding to make a lifestyle change? Prepare yourself for the next stage. Let food become half your therapy by feeding your body what she really wants. This is, without a shadow of a doubt, good quality protein from meat, fish and eggs, good fats, lovely green veg, berries, cheeses, salads, nut butters and avocados.
  14. What do you knock out? Sugars of ALL kinds. Processed carbs of ALL kinds. And low calorie ANYTHING!
  15. Go through the cupboards if your family are on-board with this too…and throw everything away that you won’t be needing any more, thank you very much! Clear out the house, and bring in lots of the good stuff. Stock the fridge with as many types of cheese as you like (we usually have about 10 on the go, they really don’t last that long).
  16. Now, this is really important, if you have food or sugar addiction issues, then GET HELP! It’s so difficult to do this alone, as we’re hard-wired to forage for food, I’m afraid. It took me years to work out that I’m a sugar addict, and it’s made my life so much easier now I get it. I can manage it now, and I’m armed and dangerous against it.
  17. DON’T tell everyone! If that is what you’d normally do before embarking on the next-latest-great-weight-loss-drama. Just do the opposite of what you’d normally do. You really don’t need massive doses of support here…remember this is a lifestyle change, NOT a diet, so just quietly go about making these changes, and don’t worry…your friends will soon begin to notice. Seek out like-minded people to connect with instead. My Diet-Less Life is full of them, and you’re very welcome to join us.
  18. Resist the temptation to create a huge variety of meals early on. You’re not Masterchef!  It will only add to the pressure if you do, much better to keep it simple early on while you’re learning the ropes
  19. Enjoy yourself! We only succeed at the things we enjoy. Did you like algebra? Did you do well in it? Of course not! Children don’t and we don’t either, so find recipe sites if you enjoy cooking up a storm at the weekends, and create a few of your absolute favourite dishes that you may have been denying yourself for years, in fear of it being high fat. What about cauliflower cheese? With chopped bacon it?? Hmmm? You get the idea!
  20. The very last and most important little step is this. DON’T give up! If you go off plan, then you really won’t feel that same all-or-nothing approach that we do on a low fat diet. Because your appetite will change, you just won’t feel the same way that you did when you gorged on rubbish after a low cal diet. Instead, You’ll notice how bloated and rubbish going off-plan has made you feel.  You’ll be more than happy to jump straight back in. This is the BIG secret to successful, sustainable, long term weight loss. The absolute magic formula. Throwing out the rubbish, and food becoming part of your therapy feels amazing…and THAT motivation is the best of all.


Enjoy the journey, and not just the destination!

Love Bridgette x

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