You always had the power my dear, you just had to discover it for yourself!Glinda, the Wizard of Oz



The BWL On-Line programme is unique. It’s mission is to generate sustainable, stress-free weight loss.


Hypnotherapy is a gentle, non-invasive clinical process that helps you re-discover a more positive mindset.

It’s the unique component that will give you the edge…because changing the way we eat just isn’t enough on it’s own.


“It knocks out cravings, lifts confidence, and re-sets old unwanted eating habits.”


When you combine hypnotherapy with strategies to deal with trigger situations. Then put in techniques to overcome compulsive eating habits, control carb cravings and manage everyday temptations, you have a unique approach to weight loss that generates lasting change.



FREE on-line therapy with me is now a part of your programme. To keep your motivation going, create personal strategies tailored to your unique lifestyle, and provide regular support through your Weight Loss Journey.


Re-setting your relationship to food lifts you from the addictive cravings cycle, which is the root cause of yo-yo dieting.


This programme is for you if you’re looking to achieve weight loss minus the emotional and physical stress of being on a calorie-controlled diet.


“I understand the frustration of endless dieting, as I was over 4 stone heavier myself 10 years ago. One day I decided it was time for a new way; I put the years of professional training and research together to make a brand new toolkit. I dropped the weight in a little over a year and stabilised ever since.”


“We have to let go of old, unwanted eating habits that keep us locked in the weight gain cycle. These old patterns pull us back into the same old predictable results.”


Hypnotherapy works on an area of the brain that’s responsible for goal-setting (and also cravings). It gently restores feelings of quiet inner confidence and a sense of well-being. It works alongside the weight loss therapy to cultivate a positive mindset that feels open to change.

There are 2 downloads to choose from every month, each helping with a different trigger, to cover all the situations that stall weight loss…from the doughnuts in the kitchen at work, to eating out with friends, and everything in between.

This trial by Churchill hospital, Oxford, is one of many that show how powerful hypnotherapy is for helping with weight loss, when the right diet is used too…( “CONCLUSIONS: This controlled trial on the use of hypnotherapy, as an adjunct to dietary advice in producing weight loss, has produced a statistically significant result in favour of hypnotherapy.”


Does this feel familiar?…


  • Sick and tired of yo-yo dieting
  • Fed up of calorie- counting and feeling hungry on a diet
  • Unhappy with irresistible carb/sugar cravings
  • Confused about how to lose the weight for good
  • Unable to stick ‘on-plan’ for very long
  • Frustratingly falling back to square one

Let’s make food your therapy…


Deep in the brain is a survival mechanism. It’s the fight or flight response and it’s wired to fight against dieting. So when we decide to go on a calorie-restriction diet, it triggers an out-of-control reaction that senses we’re about to starve.


If this happens multiple times, it becomes increasingly harder to return to a natural appetite, as we confuse cravings with real hunger.

The ‘starvation mode’ drives the impulse to reach for carb-loaded foods to quickly recover lost calories. It’s the reason why we can’t seem to control what we eat, no matter how hard we try.


To sustain long term weight loss we have to let go of that old ‘diet and denial approach’. 


Eating natural fat-burning foods, is healthy as well as filling. Instead of counting calories you reassure your body that it’s alright to lose weight now…

  1. Take out the processed, simple carbs and high sugar foods,
  2. Add healthy fats and proteins,
  3. Make little tweaks to your daily diet over time,
  4. See your health and waistline improve.


 Babies instinctively know when they’ve had enough. They have a natural ‘off switch’…


Your brain still has that ‘off switch’ you just need a little time to remember it again 🙂



Feeling the difference between cravings and hunger is the answer…

Sustained weight loss is about feeling physically in control. A subtle craving sensation, that travels through the nervous system drives eating habits without you being fully aware of it.

Clever little techniques can switch off that craving message. It’s triggered in lots of everyday situations, from eating out to stressful events, and even other people’s bad habits. Shine a light on your own personal craving triggers and learn how to knock out the feeling in minutes.


Once you know how it feels to switch off cravings. To experience a quiet moment when you’re faced with the crisps or chocolate. You feel the power it gives you. It’s physical, and it runs everything.


Impulsive eating triggers live in the subconscious…


Habits are run by your subconscious. Think of it as the hard drive on a computer- it’s the operating system.


“Haven’t you ever wondered why you can be so capable and driven in many areas of your life, but can’t seem to control what you eat, and when?”


The subconscious drives our habits all day. You aren’t always aware of them, so it can be difficult to control self-sabotaging behaviours.

It’s more sensitive to positive suggestions during hypnotherapy, so gently cleaning up old emotional eating habits gets easier through repetition.

You can’t feel like you’re missing out when you’re around sugar or processed carbs, otherwise you’ll keep returning back to them every time you feel stressed or emotional.


Each module covers 4 key areas to maximise your success and prevent self-sabotaging behaviours…


  • "All I can say is WOW!!!! I really can't believe the impact. I am looking forward to losing more weight whilst eating 'normal'"

  • "  "I think the reason you have succeeded where others had failed in the past is as much to do with you as a person and the way you are as much as what you do. Your techniques and choice of words were always measured, considerate and personal. My life has changed considerably and all for the better. If I feel myself struggle, I listen to your recordings and they get me back on track."

  • "I'm just loving Bridgette's Breakthrough Weightloss programme. I'm losing weight and I feel better in myself too. If you're a serial dieter like me give this a go and see if it works for you too. Highly recommended."

    Lisa Newport
  • "I did Bridgette's 28 day challenge and the materials, support and explanations Bridgette gave were excellent! I felt I understood exactly what I needed to do. The best thing of all - even better than losing half a stone - is that I genuinely haven't craved -or eaten - sugar during the whole 4 weeks. Give it a go!"

    Marrion Parish
  • "The  drop a dress size challenge worked a treat for me - Bridgette's input and having the structure and support of the group for twenty eight days meant that I could start a new food regime and stick to it in a way that I haven't managed to do on my own. Highly recommend."

    Deb Steele
  • "Bridgette is so knowledgeable about nutrition and the best way to eat to get your body into optimal health. I can highly recommend her Drop a Dress Size programme. If you want to get off the diet and really enjoy your food you need her in your life."

    Sarah Banks
  • "Another awesome session with Bridgette. This woman is a legendary xx thank you pretty lady."

    Jennifer L-Hayes
  • "I fully recommend Breakthrough Weightloss - I lost weight and more importantly kept it off, easily and without effort. Thank you Bridgette!"

    Kevin Rolling
  • "Bridgette is so understanding and really puts you at ease. Completely recommend breakthrough weight loss! Easiest way to loose weight and be healthy without even thinking about it. You won't regret it"

    Saffron Bradshaw
  • "I've done both the Kick the a sugar programme and Drop a Dress size programmes with Bridgette. If you think or know you have a sugar addiction then I can absolutely recommend these programmes to you. Bridgette really cares about the clients she works with and shares tools, techniques and hypnotherapy sessions to help everyone succeed. Highly recommended."

    Vicky Stanton
  • "Since August I've been working with Bridgette at Breakthrough Weight loss. Over all I've lost 2 stone, dropped from a 22 to a 16 and feel brilliant. The pain in my knees is reduced, I'm able to exercise and interestingly the chronic anaemia is better and my skin and eyes are less dry. I eat well and enjoy food but am not able to overeat anymore. in overall I look and feel better than I have done in years. Thank you Bridgette!"

    Kathryn Bell-Chambers Wilson
  • “If you are thinking of joining Bridgette’s weight loss programme – just do it!  I knew I was addicted to sugar 2 months ago and I now know how to deal with the cravings and have eaten no sugar for 2 months.  Yes, I have lost a stone in 8 weeks, but more importantly my mood has lifted and I have got back my energy (as well as my favourite skinny jeans!).  Bridgette is very supportive and non-judgemental.  The hypnotherapy is so relaxing and has been the highlight of my Saturday mornings!  I can’t recommend her highly enough – she has changed my way of eating forever!

     Amanda Harris”

    Amanda Harris
  • I just attended Bridgette’s Kick the Sugar habit day and I would strongly recommend it. Having undertaken nutritional training many years ago I still learned valuable information from Bridgette - delivered in a fun easily accessible way. I tried her method as a short experiment a few months ago and lost a stone in 6 weeks. Chris Ford"

    Chris Ford
  • "I can not recommend Bridgette and breakthrough weightloss enough. My life has completely changed in the last 6 weeks not only have I lost 12lb and dropped a dress size I also have alot more energy, clearer skin and a more positive outlook. Debbie Foote"

    Debbie Foote
  • "Bridgette at Breakthrough Weightloss, came highly recommended to me by my sister whom she had helped to lose weight. I could tell, during our initial phone consultation that she understood my relationship and addiction to sugar as she explained how the programme would help me manage my cravings long term- Oh and she explained that I would lose a dress size by the end of the programme. I would say I embarked on this journey with a healthy dose of scepticism because no diet has never, ever.. enabled me to end my sugar cravings...until now. Through Bridgette, I have actually found a way to manage my addiction and found a whole new way of eating and thinking. Bridgette is highly supportive, informative and lovely to work with. I went on to lose 2 dress sizes! Thank you! Beverley Bolton"

    Bev Bolton

It’s about knowing what works, and- what doesn’t.


Juliet, Amy and Shelley are a few of the women who’ve used the programme to achieve their own Unique Body Goal, along with 1000’s of others who have broken out the diet trap too. Their stories are some of the lovely feedback over the years…it’s why I do what I do!

The key triggers that need resolving for successful weight loss …
  • Sugar & carb cravings
  • Food and sugar obsession
  • Portion control
  • Evening grazing
  • Unconscious over-eating
  • Out of control ‘foraging’
  • Self-sabotaging
  • Emotional over-eating
  • Other peoples’ bad eating habits
  • Workplace snacking
  • Eating out
  • Staying on plan
  • All-or-nothing thinking 
  • Managing Special occasions



“I did Bridgette’s Drop a Dress Size challenge on a bit of a whim – someone else I knew was doing it so I joined in too. Being a total sugar addict, I was sceptical, but the materials, support and explanations Bridgette gave were excellent, I felt I understood exactly what I needed to do, and I really enjoyed a completely different way of eating to other “lettuce and fresh air” diets I have tried. The best thing of all – even better than losing half a stone – is that I genuinely haven’t craved -or eaten – sugar during the whole 4 weeks. Give it a go – it has changed the way I think about food.”  Marrion Parish

The monthly downloads build into a library of help for every occasion, from sugar addiction to comfort eating…it’s all covered. They will gently help you get to know the real you, minus the horrible cravings and out-of-control eating habits.




The modules contain everything you need to progress through your weight loss journey, at a pace that fits in your lifestyle.


The whole programme is just £37 per month, (which is less than the price of a cup of coffee a day!).

***It’s a very high value-for-money investment in your health, and there are absolutely NO hidden extras. Simply pay as you go every month and cancel any time you want…With NO obligation.

You’ll have lifetime access after finishing the 10 month programme.

Award winning therapy exclusively for you…

The Kick-Starter phase…

3 months of vital lifestyle, diet and habit change…

      • MODULE 1: Kick-Start weight loss and learn how to eat to burn fat. Discover how cravings rule your eating habits. Notice changes in the first week. Enjoy your meals again! Start using the hypnotherapy downloads.
      • MODULE 2: Discover what your craving message actually feels like. Are you an emotional eater or addicted? Is it all about the sugar?? Learn an awesome self-help technique to demolish cravings. Take back control and take the pressure off!
      • MODULE 3: Plan your day for success. Adapting life for sustainable weight loss. The No 1 Insurance Policy to wipe out evening grazing. End Impulsive Eating. Create strategies to build confidence in success.
    • The Locking-In Phase…

    • 3 months re-setting sub-conscious programming and breaking old unwanted self sabotaging patterns…

      • MODULE 4: Doing it your way…What’s your deeper relationship to food? Master Motivational Power-Techniques. Re-discover your own natural appetite. 
      • MODULE 5: Eating around others. Exactly how to say “no thanks”. Dealing with other people’s opinions and eating habits. Asking for what you need. Conquering workplace temptations from the doughnuts in the kitchen, to biscuits in the meetings and cake-bake Friday! From eating out with sugar devils, to managing buffets, banquets and weddings.
      • MODULE 6: Healing old family history and personal dysfunctional eating patterns. Setting a course for healthy, brand new family food rituals and stories to inspire the next generation.

Elevate Your Possibilities And Transform Your Confidence…

Locking In The Vibrant New You And Moving On…

  • MODULE 7: Keeping motivation sky high through the troughs and peaks of life. Little Wins and Tweaks for big leaps. How to be comfortably successful around others and own being the inspiration!
  • MODULE 8: Simple, powerful and effective 3 step process to change any habit and re-build your life into the one of your dreams. Transform any area into the life you deserve, whether it’s weight or career…the habit change strategies are the same!
  • MODULE 9: Fall deeply love with your body and make peace with her. Plus simple, powerful strategies to enjoy exercise your way, and make it count. Now it’s time to lock in super-charged self confidence, for both emotional and mental well-being  for life.
  • MODULE 10: Doing the Changing room Happy Dance! 3 key strategies for returning easily back on track whenever you need to, and letting go of the shackles of the old diet-thinking for good. Locking it down and moving on with your life…it’s time to move on!


If you’re ready to get cracking with your weight loss, then simply click the button below. Join up and begin your journey with me today 🙂 xx



*Weight loss therapy is a very personal journey, and your results will vary according to your needs. This programme in no way replaces medical advice.