How It Works

“You’ve always had the power my dear, you just had to learn it for yourself!”

Glinda, The Wizard of Oz

Although we have will power, at the end of the day it isn’t really enough, is it?

We all know that feeling of not wanting to eat something, being determined not to eat something – and yet we eat it anyway… Then we get up the next morning, determined to try even harder today, and we STILL give in by tea time!

That’s because our eating urges and impulses are much more dominant than any will power we have. You are NOT greedy. You are NOT weak willed. And you are NOT doomed to yo-yo forever!

In order to change our relationship with food, we have to do it at a slightly deeper level to ensure we ‘switch’ off the desire for sugar or the processed carbs. And the best way to get to that place is to relax – which is all hypnotherapy is – lots of lovely, Deep Dive Relaxation, it’s as simple as that! Once you’re in that relaxed state, I’ll show you how to make little tweaks to your food urges that will give you the power to make the right food choices for you. Over  just a few weeks, these new habits very easily become second nature to you, and you’ll forget you ever had a problem in the past!




Going on a low-fat, calorie restriction diet has confused your deep body chemistry. It’s left you unable to read her signals properly.



This is how we confuse cravings with hunger, and can’t stop eating even when we tell ourselves we’re done. Or we eat when we’re stressed, because we don’t feel any control at those times.


No one can ever make these changes for you and the only way you’ll  ever succeed at something as highly personal as weight loss is by taking back the reins.


And the way of eating I’m going to show you is known to stimulate your body’s fat burning processes, and will help you self-regulate your appetite.


This  allows you to re-set feeling out of control with your eating patterns. Your body chemistry will adjust itself at a fundamental level, and you will re-connect to a natural, satisfied, content feeling of satiation after eating.


Look at this this way…when we were tiny, we didn’t eat more than we needed to…babies instinctively have a natural ‘off switch’. Yours is still  present in your brain, you just need a little time to re-wire yourself back into that circuit again. So food actually becomes 50% of your therapy!

And that’s why the real changes feel so easy, and need no hard work, because you change at a very natural level.

We will cover ALL aspects of weight loss, such as CRAVINGS, PORTION CONTROL, GRAZING and IMPULSIVE EATING and gently guide you to make effortless changes to enjoying foods that naturally support your body’s own fat burning processes…

GET OFF THE DIET…with the right nutritional help and advice…

…This has to happen for the changes to be long lasting, and also feels wonderfully liberating!

If you’re working with me personally There will be lots of support calls and help with meal choices, downloads to listen to in between the sessions, and as much personal attention and resources as you need to get you on the right track, and feeling familiar and comfortable with your changes.

Because TRUE weight loss happens at a deeper level than just being on a diet, you will experience some truly life-changing triggers that will help you let go of long-held hang ups with your food. These might including old emotional relationships with sugar, old out-of-control eating patterns, or simply negative beliefs about your own body. The changes will be up to you…I will simply work alongside you and help you make it happen.

How Much Weight Will You Lose?

That’s entirely up to you, however much you feel you need! Typically, people lose quite a lot in the first few months. Then, depending on how much you have to lose, the weight loss slows down to a manageable amount for your body to cope with – probably to one or two pounds a week. That, along with the hypnotherapy, downloads and all the personal support and help you need from me, as well as on-line groups. That way you’ll be guided every step of the way to effortless weight loss that lasts.

Why Do I Have Such A High Success Rate?

I DO have a very high success rate and there is a good reason for this…because I’ve over a decade of experience now in weight loss therapy. I qualified in nutrition and diet over 20 years ago. I’ve also researched extensively over the years on how the hard-wiring in  your brain controls your food urges and deeply programmed habits. This has given me a bigger understanding than most on how cravings work.

The programme is designed to help you erase the twin issues of CRAVING and SELF DENIAL. These will consistently stall your weight loss attempts and can keep you in a holding pattern for years sometimes, (or even a lifetime!) You know it better as the ‘yo-yo’ diet! That way you can lose your weight confidently and effortlessly. If you need to read more, you can buy the book just out and learn all about it and what you can do to start things for yourself! It’s called The Break The Crave System and you can buy it here

So I’ll help you to harness the power of your own amazing mind. Because it IS so powerful, it can either sabotage your very best attempts at weight loss, or, given the right help, enable you to lose weight effortlessly. It’s easier than you think, and just takes a few weeks of your time.

It’s All In Your Powerful Mind!

“Studies show that people who combine diet and exercise with hypnosis lose more weight than they do with diet and exercise alone.”
– Allure

We will use lots of clever little tools together because that is the quickest and simplest way to help you release your cravings and change how you feel about foods you can’t resist. It’s also incredibly relaxing.

The weight loss hypnotherapy will give you a pleasant feeling of being ‘very relaxed, yet fully alert’. Also… “Absolutely lovely!” (which is what most clients say!)…. It isn’t the same as going to sleep, so you are aware and in control of everything you do.

Nobody can ever make you do anything you don’t want to.

You will probably feel pleasantly floaty, but still ‘there’, and in fact, it’s a very natural thing that we all do. It’s a little bit like the daydreaming state… there’s no magic wand, just a wonderful therapy that is designed to help you tap into your own ‘change-maker’ brain wave state.

All hypnosis is really self hypnosis!

So you are guided gently by my voice to let go of your cravings and food issues. It’s an incredibly liberating experience – to be able to feel in control of your own life again, to be back in the driving seat. With YOU being the one to decide what happens next and what you’re going to eat today!

We will also use other cutting edge techniques together too…all at the leading edge of harnessing the power of your own mind to make changes…gently and naturally.

If you can imagine it… it’s possible!

If you then put all this powerful motivational help together with a way of eating that naturally supports your body’s own fat burning processes, and the step by step Break The Crave System TM, and you are on to a powerful formula for lasting success with your weight loss, and achieving your own unique Body Goal….it becomes less like a dream and more like the reality that you and your body deserve!


*Weight loss therapy is a very personal journey, and yours will be different from anyone else’s. Because of this results vary from person to person.