How It Works

“You’ve always had the power my dear, you just had to learn it for yourself!”

Glinda, The Wizard of Oz

Although we all have will power, it just doesn’t feel enough sometimes…


It’s that familiar feeling of intending not to eat something – and yet we eat it anyway.


Then we get up the next morning, determined to try even harder today, and we STILL give in by tea time!


You are NOT greedy. You are NOT weak willed. And you are NOT doomed to yo-yo forever!


A subconscious programme, deep in the brain, is designed to fight against calorie controlled dieting, and is why we can’t seem to keep our weight down for long. It like some mysterious force makes us over-eat, to regain lost weight. We’re left feeling at it’s mercy, and it seems like it’s out of our control.


Our behaviour is controlled by deep survival instincts that always win over the desire for weight loss. It’s the Fight or Flight mechanism and it runs the show!


Depriving the body of calories triggers your brain to confuse cravings with real hunger by creating a hormone called ghrelin, which stimulates the appetite and promotes fat storage. It’s the deep-seated reason why we can’t keep the weight off.

The body is tripped into a ‘starvation mode’ and drives the impulse to reach for carb-loaded foods to recover lost calories. Trying to continually fight against it is exhausting and ultimately self-defeating.


“This is how we can’t stop eating even when we tell ourselves we’re done. Or we eat when we’re stressed, because we don’t feel any control. Changing your relationship with food has to happen at a deeper level.


Letting go of that old ‘Diet and Denial’ mindset will give you the edge. The weight loss therapy helps you break free from the holding pattern that traditional dieting creates; so over time (a matter of a few weeks), as your body chemistry returns to a natural balance, it releases you from the ‘starvation mode’.

It’s why you have to address how you think about sugar and processed carbs, otherwise you’ll keep returning back to them every time you feel stressed or emotional.

You can’t feel like you’re missing out when you’re around others eating differently from you, or even if you’re going through a trigger moment.

Hypnotherapy is a relaxing, clinical process, that gently prompts the subconscious to be sensitive to positive suggestions, helping you feel open to the possibility of making better food choices, cleaning up old unwanted eating habits, and lifting cravings.

Over the space of a few weeks, through repetition, new food habits are created. It’s a very pleasant and natural process.


“Re-setting your relationship to food lifts you from the addictive Cravings Cycle, which is the root cause of  all yo-yo dieting”.



No one can ever make these changes for you and the only way you’ll succeed at something as highly personal as weight loss is by taking back the reins.


No forcing or striving, just gentle, positive tweaks that shift cravings, boost confidence and help your mindset adjust to being more confident and open to change.

We need to cover all aspects of weight loss for it to be sustainable… such as CRAVINGS, PORTION CONTROL, GRAZING and IMPULSIVE EATING.

Whether it’s the doughnuts at work, or the kid’s leftovers, taking back control of those little trigger moments is where your power is.

There are lots of cutting edge techniques to help you, such as NLP and TFT as well as the hypnotherapy. These are the quickest, simplest, most effective way to release cravings and change how you feel about those foods that seem hard to resist. It’s also incredibly relaxing.

The weight loss hypnotherapy will give you a pleasant feeling of being ‘very relaxed, yet fully alert’. Also… “Absolutely lovely!” (is the comments from many clients). It isn’t the same as going to sleep, so you are aware and in control of everything you do.

Nobody can ever make you do anything you don’t want to.

You will probably feel pleasantly floaty, but still ‘there’. It’s a very natural state we all experience- a little bit like daydreaming… there’s no magic wand, just a wonderful therapy that is designed to help you tap into your own ‘change-maker’ brain wave state.


  • ‘Switch off’ sugar cravings, whether it’s being around others who are eating sugary products, or the obsessing for sugar throughout the day. It’s about being able to say “No thank you!” when it’s offered. (It’s easier than you think!)
  • Regain a natural sense of appetite, allowing you to know what ‘full and satisfied’ actually feels like (switching off the hunger hormones is a very important step, here)
  • Create new healthy eating habits, to enjoy foods that help you feel satiated for hours afterwards, and give your body a brand new lease of energy
  • Turbo-charge your motivation-there’s no need to be in the zone when you connect to your natural motivation
  • Take back control of food choices, by enjoying meals again and let go of guilty eating. There are particular foods that make it easier to take back control. The hypnotherapy will also give a helping hand by gently letting of old, unwanted food choices
  • Fall back in love with your body and feel comfortable in your own skin, to regain your own natural self-esteem
  • Eat the right foods for simple weight loss, and I’ll show you exactly what they are
  • Re-connect with your powerful subconscious and harness it to give you the edge for  success. You’ll notice changes in other areas too, as we can’t really work on one area without positively affecting our relationships too
  • Deal with situations from workplace temptations to wedding buffet challenges- the weight loss coaching comprehensively covers all those situations that trip us up in life, you’ll be armed with a range of Insurance Policies to back you up
  • Feel comfortable eating around others, and making your own choices, whether it’s eating out, or at family meals-to do it on your terms without feeling that you’re putting other people out
  • Create a deep sense of confidence in the weight loss– this comes after using the tools, and making those changes…it has to be a lifestyle change, not just a quick fix
  • Use techniques and tools to comfortably maintain your weight loss  You’ll be confidently using all the techniques by the end of the programme, and there will be all the support you need afterwards too
  • Stabilise weight loss, and move on when you’re ready– that’s the fun bit! It might seem hard to imagine right now, but there will be an end to the weight loss journey, and the hypnotherapy will help you connect to how that will feel.


We will gently harness the power of the subconscious mind to reverse these impulsive eating triggers that have been tripped deep in your brain. This signals your body that it’s ‘safe’ to lose weight now and halts self sabotaging.


Do you want to work personally with me?…

Your weight Loss Therapy Programme will progress over the space of a few months. Which is just how long it takes to create, and then stabilise, brand new habits. You can expect to be at least a dress size down by then, and I will work closely with you all the way. The online weight loss programme is free for you to join, with regular monthly contact and online therapy with me, for as long as you want.


This gives you time to re-train your appetite and make long-lasting changes in your relationship with food. Call (0115) 9781006 for a NO OBLIGATION chat today on how the 1:1 programme works, and I’ll be there to answer all your questions.


Your therapy works on these targeted areas…


  • PORTION control
  • SUGAR addiction
  • KNOWING when you’re full
  • EATING at the wrong time of day
  • OBSESSING about food
  • FEELING as if you’re ‘missing out’
  • SNACKING and grazing between meals
  • EMOTIONAL eating
  • ALL-OR-NOTHING thinking
  • STICKING to plan
  • STAYING motivated
  • ENJOYING accountability
  • CELEBRATING milestones
  • FEELING supported and understood
  • CHOOSING meals confidently


With the right nutritional help…


When you put hypnotherapy together with a way of eating that stimulates your body’s natural fat burning processes, you can re-discover your natural appetite.


Let food be 50% of your therapy…




Eating the right nutrition helps your body trigger the production of a hormone called leptin- it’s the ‘satiation hormone’. Leading to a pleasant, content feeling of being satisfied after eating.


If you think about it…when we were tiny, we didn’t eat more than we needed to. Babies instinctively have that ‘off switch’. You still have your ‘off switch’ too. All you need is a little time to re-wire your brain to create leptin. When food becomes your therapy you re-discover the power of that ‘off switch feeling’ again.


Changing your way of eating is a vital component for long term weight loss.


If you’re working with me personally There will be lots of support calls and help with meal choices, downloads to use at home, and as much personal attention and resources as you need to get you on the right track, and feeling familiar and comfortable with your changes.


If you join the on-line programme, you’ll have regular therapy with me every month, downloads and all the techniques used in personal therapy, in a programme that suits the pace of your lifestyle.


Because weight loss happens at a deeper level than just being on a diet, you can experience some truly life-changing moments that help you let go of long-held hang ups around food.


These might including old emotional relationships with sugar, out-of-control eating patterns, or simply negative beliefs about your own body. The changes will be up to you…I will simply work alongside you and help you make it happen.


How Much Weight Will You Lose?


That’s entirely up to you, however much you feel you need! Typically, people lose quite a lot in the first few months. Then, depending on how much you have to lose, the weight loss slows down to a manageable amount for your body to cope with – probably to one or two pounds a week. That way you’ll be guided every step of the way to sustainable, long term weight loss.

Why Does it Have Such A High Success Rate?


I’ve over a decade of experience now in weight loss therapy. I qualified in nutrition and diet over 20 years ago. As an anatomist, I’ve also researched extensively over the years on how the hard-wiring in your brain controls your food urges, addictive behaviours, and deeply programmed habits. This has given me a bigger understanding than most on how cravings work.

I’ve been a hypnotherapist for nearly 15 years, and a nutritional therapist for nearly 24 years…put this together with training in addictions services, and a passion for what I do, and you have the Breakthrough WeightLoss way to success! This has been a real journey of discovery for me… dropping the weight, learning what works (as well as what doesn’t), along the way.

So you’re in safe hands 🙂


The programme is designed to help you erase the twin issues of CRAVING and SELF DENIAL.


“They will both stall your weight loss attempts consistently, and can keep you in a diet ‘holding pattern’ for years sometimes, (or even a lifetime!) -We know it better as the ‘yo-yo’ diet!”


And because your mind is so powerful, it can either sabotage your very best attempts at weight loss. Or, given the right help, enable you to lose the weight successfully to turn it into a happy journey instead 🙂


Self insight is a very powerful thing, and you’ll shine a light on relationships to food that have remained hidden till now. As you gain more clarity, the body you deserve will becomes more of a reality.

Click below to find out about Weight Loss On-line…


“Studies show that people who combine diet and exercise with hypnosis lose more weight than they do with diet and exercise alone.”
– Allure

All hypnosis is really self hypnosis!

So you are guided gently by my voice to let go of your cravings and food issues. It’s an incredibly liberating experience – to be able to feel in control of your own life again, to be back in the driving seat. With you being the one to decide what happens next and what you’re going to eat today.

We will also use other cutting edge techniques together too…all at the leading edge of harnessing the power of your own mind to make changes…gently and naturally.


























*Weight loss therapy is a very personal journey, and yours will be different from anyone else’s. Because of this results vary from person to person.