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If you’re unsure about sugar, and what kind of a hold it really has on your eating habits, then I wrote this article

“How To Tell If You’re A Sugar Addict”

to help you figure out whether you just have a sweet tooth, or you have an addictive relationship to sugar…

Don’t worry if you find that you do…you’re most definitely not alone, and there’s a lot you can do to take back control of it too.

You’re not an emotional eater, you are someone who eats, and also eats when they are emotional. You’re not a comfort eater either, you just reach for the sugar because that’s what you do…it’s habit.

Plain and simple. You’re not greedy. You’re not weak-willed. You’re not anything that is wrong. You’re simply addicted to sugar. And I can show you how to lift that addiction gently and effectively, and give you some peace from it. It’s not like you never eat it again…it’s just that you decide when, not the sugar!

It’s not a treat for you. It’s not your little friend either! And it’s definitely not  your only pleasure. It’s not even something that makes you feel good…You wouldn’t be here if it was any of those things… It’s just sugar! And know how to help you get that sweet white stuff  out your life.

If you prefer to work personally with me in 1:1 sessions to deal with your sugar issues then contact me today.

“Hello Bridgette

After my session a week ago I was still…. Like does this really work or have I just wasted more money on trying to lose this weight. Well all I can say is WOW!!!! Does it work? Hell yes it does.

I really can’t believe the impact, no sugar in tea, no chocolate, nothing with sugar. Someone made me a cup of tea with sugar I had to throw it away as I couldn’t drink it. I have walked pass my favourite biscuits (all butter shortbread), I didn’t even do a double take. I have lost 6lbs in weight already.

Although I still eat the carbs but that is so under control. I can’t believe how I am not filling up my plate with heaps of rice and a massive potatoes.

Bridgette – where have you been all my fat life?!” Ruth, Nottingham

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*Please be aware that Weight loss therapy is a very personal journey, and yours will be different from anyone else’s. Because of this your results will vary slightly from everyone else’s