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1:1 Private Therapy

Bridgette has been a weight loss expert for over 10 years. Find out how her therapy will help you lose weight and move on…


BWL PRO online Weight Loss

Join me and experience weight loss at your own pace, in your own home. This is a programme like no other, and is only £37 per month!


Drop A Dress Size In 8 Weeks

Experience this small, very personal, weight loss group programme. 5 Sessions. 8 weeks, and a dress size down at the end of it…


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DOWNLOAD the free weight loss recording at the bottom of this page to get a feel for what weight loss hypnotherapy is like…In the comfort of your own home.

If you’re ready to invest a small amount to use more targeted therapy at home, start your journey today and begin re-programming your subconscious for success. Simply…

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YOU can also use these downloads to keep your own motivation high during your weight loss journey.

THEY are an excellent addition to the other weight loss programmes too.

1:1 Private Therapy Sessions

You can harness my weight loss expertise and use it to create your own successful weight loss in private 1:1 sessions with me. As a nutritional therapist, I’ve a unique angle on weight loss therapy…combining the right eating plan with hypnotherapy will give you an amazingly powerful programme for success. We’ll work closely together on helping you let go of all your old food habits that are presently holding you back from successful weight loss.

You’ll be gently guided and supported every step of the way.

I’ll take you step-by-step though a process that will jump-start your weight loss, and then carry on working for you right up to your own Unique Body Goal. It takes about 6 weeks or so for the therapy to progress.

During that time, we’ll meet for 4 power therapy sessions that will each last a couple of hours. You’ll also receive weekly support contact too, and lots of encouragement and guidance.

The therapy process is often described as “intense, but in a very nice way!”

As you get complete individual attention, you can safely work on any issues you feel have held you back in the past. And we will turbo-charge your own motivation for future success into the process!

You’ll know exactly how it feels to be in control of your food urges, and I would expect you to be comfortably losing weight by the end of the 6 week programme.

This therapy contains a wide spectrum of techniques, and you’ll get all you need to drop those pounds, including:

  • 8 HOURS of powerful weight loss hypnotherapy, designed to support your individual needs
  • 5 SELECTED downloads, carefully designed to complement the therapy sessions and support the changes you’re experiencing
  • NUTRITION for weight loss…there is a way to drop the pounds without starving, from a nutritional therapist with over 20 years expertise
  • MEAL plans, tailored to fit in with your own unique lifestyle
  • EXPERT therapy and coaching from a very experienced practitioner (I qualified in Complementary Therapies over 22 years ago now!)
  • CONFIDENCE to make the right food choices in all the typical situations, such as workplace temptations, eating out, weddings, buffets etc
  • SELF-HELP techniques for targeted intervention and the neutralising of cravings
  • SUPPORT, guidance and lots of understanding, so you quickly get familiar and comfortable with the techniques
  • MEMBERSHIP to a friendly, thriving on-line  group
  • A FREE personalised recording, designed by me, and taken from our sessions together. This will be yours to use as much as you need into the future
  • FREE automatic life-long membership to an on-line programme worth £444

In short, you’ll have all the help you need. The whole package is £1,295 payable in installments if you choose


If you feel that your needs are more intense, and you would like longer term 1:1 therapy help, then there is also the 3 month and 6 month package available for you. Call me on 0115 9781006 for more details.

Some feedback from previous clients:

“It is amazing. I can’t recommend Bridgette highly enough!”
Kathryn Bell Chambers-Wilson

“It bloody works!! Better habits, better food, no starving or craving even if you work 18 hours a day. I think the reason you have succeeded where others had failed in the past is as much to do with you as a person and the way you are as much as what you do. Your techniques and choice of words were always measured, considerate and personnel and you’re approachable worldly attitude combined with your passion for what you do were inspiring to me. My life has changed considerably and all for the better. I’m better at choosing my food, choosing how I spend my time and choosing how I want to be without really being conscious of the choosing the changes. If I feel myself struggle or begin to feel myself faltering too much I listen to your recordings and they get me back on track.
Many thanks Bridge, Wes”


Join us in September for a day that will transform your sugar cravings from a roar to a whisper!

You will be joined by lots of other sugar girls (and boys!) who just can’t resist the sweet white stuff, and are sick of constantly giving in and losing control on a regular basis.

  • Totally knock out cravings
  • Take control of food urges
  • Connect to your natural appetite
  • Know exactly how to use all the tools into the future
  • Enjoy your food again minus the out-of-control cravings!

Spaces are strictly limited so you get the best of my attention, so if you know it’s time to tick sugar cravings off the ‘to do’ list, then click to find out more, and lets get you back in control…

Some feedback from previous kick The Sugar groups:

“Good morning Bridgette

I have known for a long time that I have a problem with sugar and have no control whatsoever when I start to eat sweet things such as cake or chocolate. In the 3 weeks since my  session with you and listening regularly to your Kill the Sugar recording I had had no desire to eat anything sweet and have lost 10lbs. Also I feel more active and alert and have a more positive attitude to daily life.’Thanks once again, best wishes, David.”

“I’ve done both the Kick The Sugar and Drop a Dress size programmes with Bridgette. If you think or know you have a sugar addiction then I can absolutely recommend these programmes to you. Bridgette really cares about the clients she works with and shares tools, techniques and hypnotherapy sessions to help everyone succeed. Highly recommended”

Vicky Stanton

Drop a Dress Size

The next In-House Drop a Dress Size group programme is starting on Saturday 9th Novemner at 12.30 pm. The groups are small (no more than 5 or 6 on any programme), supportive, confidential and life-changing.

This is an intensive 8 week programme, using all the techniques from the private therapy sessions, but in a friendly and non-judgemental workshop-style setting.

No gimmicks, just weight loss therapy at it’s finest, with every bit of support and help available for you. You will have more than enough to confidently carry on shedding the pounds for as long as you need afterwards.

Click here for more details

Some feedback from Ruth who came to the group programme last year:

“Hello Bridgette
After my session a week ago I was still …. Like does this really work ???? or have I just wasted more money on trying to lose this weight. Well all I can say is WOW!!!! Does it work? Hell yes it does. I really can’t believe the impact, no sugar in tea, no chocolate, nothing with sugar. Someone made me a cup of tea with sugar I had to throw it away as I couldn’t drink it. I have walked pass my favourite biscuits (all butter shortbread), I didn’t even do a double take.
I have lost 6lbs in weight already!!
Although I still eat the carbs but that is so under control. I can’t believe how I am not filling up my plate with heaps of rice and a massive potatoes

Where have you been all my fat life????
Many many thanks

More Previous Happy Clients!

“Bridgette is amazing I couldn’t lose weight without her, I’ve tried everything from slimming world, weight watchers etc and can never stick to it or maintain I always gave up and felt I was missing out… I would highly recommend anybody struggling to lose weight to go and see her, Bridgette changes the way you think so you feel like your not dieting and your not missing out on anything the foods you usually crave and want so much, you don’t anymore Bridgette really is a miracle worker!!!”
Jessica Neil

“I have learned to get off the sugar wagon again and feel much better. Have struggled to stay low carb when eating away from home. Ok in restaurants but more difficult with family because husband is a stodgy veggie and they cater to his likes. That said, it has brought things into focus and I have more respect for myself and my body now. I realise that I cannot drink coffee because not only does it stop me sleeping, it definitely makes me crave rubbish food. It’s the same with carbs. I am a very low carb girl, when I give myself the chance! It has been a fantastic few weeks, Bridgette, thank you.”
Mandy DADS



*Weight loss therapy is a very personal journey, and yours will be different from anyone else’s. Because of this results vary from person to person.