The question isn’t who’s going to let me? It’s who’s going to stop me??” Ayn Rand


Thank You for joining me at the Breakthrough WeightLoss Revolution, On-Line


Welcome, and thank you- for deciding to be open to trying something completely new…You’re going to love this weight loss programme! Take a look at the video and I’ll explain what’s going to happen over the next few months.

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Here’s a short summary of the video…


  • The first month of the programme will be all about changing over your eating habits and getting rid of sugar and food addiction…(yes, really, it is absolutely possible!). Food is going to be 50% of your therapy. So changing over to a different way of eating, will go to work on knocking out cravings and helping you take back control right from the get-go. There will be a hypnotherapy visualisation designed for dropping you into the right ‘zone’ and generating new habits, every month.  I would try and listen to them at least 3 times a week. (the first month will have 2 relaxing downloads for you to enjoy!).
  • The recordings will build into a comprehensive library of techniques, carefully designed to unlock your true potential, and experience weight loss with a sense of ease and clarity. They knock out cravings, contain powerful motivational triggers, and give you an inner self-confidence for deep and lasting changes. Harnessing the power of your own amazing mind gives back the power to you! 
  • Your resources will be on each monthly MODULE page, and are there to help you get clear on your next step.  They range from an Eating Guide to a Food Diary, Shopping Lists and recipes, and will support your progress month-by-month. I’ve designed them to be as clear as possible, but if you have any questions, then jump straight into the facebook group, there’s a list of FAQ’s in there for you that may well tell you what you need to know! If not, you can always ask!

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I’m going to explain a little of what goes on in your body chemistry (as clearly as poss!) during this programme, as that will help you have a deeper understanding of why you behave the way you do around food.

It will shine a light on why you haven’t been able to keep the weight off successfully in the past. Then you’ll confidently know that you’re doing it ‘right’ this time, and, more importantly, you’ll have a deep understanding of how to keep it off into the future!


***I won’t get too sciencey on you so don’t worry, it won’t get at all heavy or complicated -I promise!


Lastly…I need to tell you… I’ve been there too…I’m a complete sugar addict, failed miserably in the past, (even though I’m a nutritional therapist!), and had to lose 3 dress sizes a few years ago. So I really do get it! I understand that it doesn’t seem like much to everyone else, but I know how much this matters to you. You deserve to drop the weight and move on in your life, so click on your first months’ module, and let’s get cracking right now!


The rest of the modules will include:

The Kick-Starter phase…

3 months of vital lifestyle, diet and habit change…

      • MODULE 1: Kick-Start your weight loss and learn how to eat to burn fat. Uncover how your cravings rule your eating habits. Notice your body changing from the first couple of weeks. Enjoy your meals again!
      • MODULE 2: Discover what your Craving message actually feels like. Are you an emotional eater or addicted? Sugar, sugar, sugar! Learn an awesome self-help technique to demolish Cravings. It’s time to take back control your Cravings and take the pressure off you!
      • MODULE 3: Plan your day for success. Fitting weight loss easily into your life. The No 1 Insurance Policy to wipe out evening grazing. End Impulsive Eating.

      The Life-Set Phase…

      3 months re-setting sub-conscious programming and breaking through old psychological barriers…

      • MODULE 4: Breaking Through Barriers, and shining a light on your own deeper relationship to food. Re-discover and reduce your natural appetite. Get your confidence back!
      • MODULE 5: Eating Around Others. Exactly how to say “no thanks”. Dealing with other people’s opinions and eating habits. Asking for what you need. Feeding the family, and other relatives! Eating out and SFW eating in the workplace.
      • MODULE 6: Cracking The Code! Healing old patterns and family history. Locking down quiet self confidence and creating your brand new Weight Loss Story.

      There Are Also 4 months of Bonus Modules For Lifetime Living – If you Choose to Enjoy Lifetime Membership Of The Programme…

      Locking In The Confident, Vibrant New You

      • MODULE 7: Motivation Turbo-Charge! Mile-high motivation through the troughs and peaks of life. Little Tweaks for Big Wins and keeping the faith in yourself.
      • MODULE 8: YOUR Exercise, YOUR Way. Tackling old health challenges, Creating a sustainable blueprint for long term health and well-being.
      • MODULE 9: Breaking through Upper-Level Thinking Barriers. Making new positive self-talk and letting go of the old negative chatter. Generating Power Habits easily.
      • MODULE 10: Fall Back In Love With Your Body! Essential strategies for a positive self image.  Love your journey every day and learn power strategies to love your little home too 🙂


Each module will build on the success of the last, and you’ll be supported and guided every step of the way towards your own Unique Body Goal…whatever that may mean for you personally.

Whether you want to enjoy better health, or wanting to drop a few dress sizes…you’ll get everything you need to achieve your goal and feel 100% healthier too.

Now Let’s get going with your weight loss! Just click on WEEK 1  on your MODULE 1 dashboard here and you’re good to go!


Love Bridgette x