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We’re told that weight loss is a difficult business…that you have to be strong. Determined. Motivated. In the right zone, and supported by every weary member of your family who has ever heard it all before! If we don’t get this right, we’ll never lose that hard-fought for 2 lb this week! And if we mess up? Well!! That’s 4 lb back on again as punishment for being weak-willed. De-motivated. Un-focused. Or even worse…GREEDY!! (depending on how badly you want to beat yourself up today!)

In my humble opinion, after 8 years running the Breakthrough Weightloss Revolution, I can most definitely and emphatically tell you that losing weight is the easiest business in the world, once you get your facts right. Once you stop treating your body like it’s some kind of automaton, a machine that you can programme to eat what you tell it, and the fat cells will drop off. Forgive me for asking…and I mean it in the most loving way possible…But how’s that working out for you? Has your body responded by jumping to attention and agreeing with you? No? Have you ever stopped to think that dictating to your body that it WILL behave itself when you’re feeding it less than it needs to run on in the day is actually not working very well for you?

There’s a much easier way. Stop thinking of your body as a robot. Think of it as a small child. You know why?


man-320276_1920Because it is. It is EXACTLY that! Your body doesn’t grow up and get savvy! YOU do! It still loves to do the things it loved when it was small…like run about (yes, believe it or not!), and play, and cuddle, and rest, and EAT WELL! When you were a child, you ate food that the adults around gave you, and the chances are, that it was good for you.And your body loved it. Now your body is a little upset at the moment, because you’ve not treated her very well…the trouble is, her desire to eat well is much stronger than your desire to be thin. By about a thousand times.girl-388652_1920


So let’s try another way….I’m going to show you simple, easy steps for getting back in your body’s good books, and dropping the fat cells too. Here’s a list of the most important steps to take to begin losing weight successfully:

  1. Get rid of every bit of sugar, processed food and carbohydrates out of your diet for 1 whole week. It’s not as difficult as you think! There is a gorgeous world of food out there just waiting to be enjoyed once all the processed, bloaty and sugary rubbish has gone (It’s only for 1 week, right? See this as an experiment!)
  2. Eat the foods suggested on this PDF instead…see? Sumptuous! In other words eat more fats! It’s the nicest you can possibly be to your body. Really…this is what your body has always loved to eat!
  3. Slow down when you eat…just very slightly, so’s you can appreciate the deliciousness of your meals. Put yourself into a little bubble of pleasure and notice how full you feel afterwards.
  4. Eat breakfast! Seriously! How can you expect your body to play nice if you don’t feed her in the morning! This is the best insurance policy you can take out against snacking in the evening. Remember the old saying…Breakfast like a queen, lunch like a lady and dinner like a pauper?
  5. Get off the diet! In other words…try and ease off the gas with yourself and take yourself out of the denial mindset. Your body is a little rebel, and the more you try to deny her, the more she will rebel against you. Know your little rebel voice? That’s her, that is!
  6. Try not to eat after 6pm…unless you have a dramatically different day pattern, then your body simply doesn’t need fuel then.
  7. Stop weighing yourself…seriously! It’s the single worst thing you can do to keep yourself motivated. If you put on a pound then you will have the “Blow it, I may as well eat what I want then!” thinking or if you’ve lost a pound, you’ll celebrate by eating the rubbish too…either way, you’re not going to win this one! Measure yourself with a tape measure instead, and use the scales more occasionally…it will give you chance to enjoy making changes to your eating habits without putting daily pressure on yourself. Go by how your clothes feel instead, and trust it when your body feels great…you may well decide this is an eating plan you would like to stick to for good…many thousands of people do!

These great guidelines are the basis of an eating plan that will help you sustain weight loss for as long as you need to…If you need some help with the naughty sugar, or would like more help to really turbo-charge your weight loss, then,Contact me…I’d love to chat with you about your Body Goals and help you find a plan that works for you.

Love Bridgette x

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