Get The Best From Your Weight Loss App

There are quite a few weight loss apps around that specialise in low carb eating, and they that can be really useful for weight loss if they are used properly.  For example, when you’re [...]

The Power of Knowing Your Story…

We tell ourselves stories all the time. It’s a part of every human experience to make up the narrative for the life we lead. We just can’t help it. Stories help us make sense of our [...]

Why throw the scales in the attic…?

“The scales are nowhere near an exact science, and definitely not a reliable reflection of what’s going on in your subtle body chemistry. The minor fluctuations on the scales are what [...]

How (not) to do intermittent fasting

Skinny days have been an integral part of the Breakthrough Weightloss programme for 15 years. It’s called intermittent fasting these days, and it’s becoming more popular all the time. [...]

What is the Cravings Cycle?

And how does it control our eating? “It’s very simple, and incredibly powerful. That’s the beauty of this hard-wired habit. The POWER of the Cravings Cycle lies in the fact that [...]

What is TFT, and how can it help you?

    I trained in TFT in 2007, after becoming a hypnotherapist in the same year. I knew it would be a powerful support tool in my practice, after encountering it about a year previously. [...]