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There are quite a few weight loss apps around that specialise in low carb eating, and they that can be really useful for weight loss if they are used properly.  For example, when you’re first starting out- they can be a useful guide to what a portion size should look like, and what you should be eating in a day. They’re also good for information on macros, tracking, being an accountability buddy (sometimes, but not always!), nutrition detailing and even ideal times for fasting. If you buy the pro editions, you’ll get even more detailed information and accountability data input.

There’s a real downside though. I used Carb Manager for a few weeks, just to see what it can do, and was surprised at how quickly I started to rely on it to tell me what to eat -and when!

I lost my ability to tune in to my Own Sweet Self, especially when it came to portion sizes, I just lost all idea of what they were supposed to be! (Even though that can be one of the benefits, but it definitely wasn’t for me!). It was a very odd feeling.

Another big downside was that I hadn’t counted calories for years, I’d blissfully got out that habit altogether, but Carb Manager reminds you of every calorie you eat in a day, and calculates the ‘right’ amount for you.  I actually put on a couple of pounds over the weeks I was using it, and really couldn’t figure out how that had happened. So I decided to stop using it, and literally lost the pounds in the next couple of days! I regained my ability to ‘tune in’ to my own appetite, and what felt like the right portion size for me, and I had no idea of how many calories I was eating (but a very good idea of how many carbs!). I felt my own ability to monitor what was the right thing for me. I think weight loss apps, like slimming clubs…take away that power very quickly. Because you rely on something outside of you to tell you what’s right. This is the biggest myth…that they hold all the answers to your weight loss. Clearly the slimming clubs have been failing us for years, and weight loss apps, I believe, can do the same.

Think of your tuning as a muscle…it’s your ability to focus your attention on something. We can only focus on one thing at a time, and the more we use outside help, such as weight loss apps, we gradually lose the ability to focus on our body for feedback, and so judge what’s actually best for us. If you don’t use it you’ll lose it, basically and it applies in exactly the same way as using our muscles.

The apps and slimming clubs give you the sense that that they know better than you, of what’s right for you. No one can tell you that! It’s not to say that nutrition advice and the general amounts of what to eat aren’t a very very good idea to find out when you’re just starting out on your weight loss journey…especially if you’re trying something like low carb eating for the first time. Of course, it’s the time when you need that information, and reassurance that you’re doing ok. BUT. Then the rest has to come from you. You must use your own compass, as we all have unique nutrition needs that often vary from day to day. Your daily diet depends on your very own unique lifestyle.

Tune to the TRUE source of your power once you have all the information you need to get started…Your Own Sweet Self. Your appetite, your portion size, what your body needs for the day will be very different from your family or friends. So use the apps wisely and don’t let them take away your autonomy. Get support from low carb groups, or use a therapist to get more detailed advice and help…my clients use me as an accountability buddy too, and I’ll always have the aim in mind of restoring their confidence in their own appetite signals. Get what you need from the app, whether it’s just to kick-start your weight loss or give you a better idea of your macro amounts, and then switch it off! Work on finding confidence in yourself.

I’ve also found that hypnotherapy is a powerful way to regain that natural ability to tune into your body and let go of low self confidence…it’s just the best for it in my humble opinion!

If you haven’t tried it before, then here’s a link to free download I recorded a few years ago that gives you a gorgeous feeling of wellbeing too, as well as some powerful confidence boosting and motivational help. I hope you enjoy it!

Love x

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