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There are some very good reasons why ‘Accidental Weight Loss’ works so well, and I will tell you what they are in a minute, but first, let me just elaborate on what Accidental Weight Loss actually is:

It’s a way of losing weight without even trying, almost incidentally, you might say. Sometimes this might happen during periods of illness or emotional upset, although you tend to re-gain the weight afterwards, as you’ve usually just simply not eaten enough for your body’s needs. unfortunately then, your body will set up that irresistible ‘reaching’ mechanism to recover the nutrition lost, and restore itself back to its former weight (Aahh….the Break-Up Diet….we know how long THAT lasts for!).

break up diet

So why does it work for permanent weight loss? And, more importantly, HOW?

First...The Law of Attraction (LOA) says it’s so. You might not believe in the LOA, but it has some powerful fundamental truths that are revealed in its philosophy at a very deep level. The idea is, that you ask for what you want….you STATE YOUR INTENTION….then you LET IT GO!….it’s been registered somewhere out there in the cosmic accounts order book and you really don’t need to do anything else! Of course you then need to put in the necessary energy to make it happen, but just not so much that you force it. On a very biological level, this truth is actually very powerfully reflected…we are programmed to look for what we INTEND to find. Ever wanted to buy a red car? And then suddenly you see them everywhere? That’s exactly the same goal-setting brain process in operation. Basically this law says that if you want something TOO HARD you will then get in your own way of actually receiving it, simply because you are trying to force it to happen….just like forcing a key in the lock….if you try too hard it just won’t work, but try it gently, with a little sensitivity and a light touch, and the door will magically open.

no scalesSecond….The amount of clients who stand on those scales every single day, and then say to me “I don’t seem to be losing any weight!”. “No”, I say, “And you’re never going to that way”…your brain sees that number on those scales every morning and you literally ‘programme’ yourself to keeping that number in your head….it is really difficult to move away from it once it’s become a normality for you….weighing every day is trying too hard….letting go of the end goal allows our body to lose weight at a rate that’s more natural then….we can check how we’re doing on the scales once in a while….but how much nicer to actually ‘feel’ the difference….you can rely on your body for feedback on how well you are doing much more so than the sneaky scales!…feeling lighter, or more energised….waking up in the morning feeling happy with how your body feels and how you ate the day before is the absolute perfect way to be motivated for success in your day! It’s amagical feedback loop, and what’s more it’s reliable!

Third…..Our brain function and our weight loss goals are run by completely DIFFERENT brain systems which are 180 degrees opposite from each other….trying to force the 2 to work together simply won’t work. Your LONG TERM goal -setting system are the plans that you see for the future, such as being in a different dress size for an upcoming event, or feeling more healthy by a particular time of year. The trouble is, eating is a very IMMEDIATE impulse that is run by a system designed to STOP your long term thinking temporarily, it is designed to literally switch off these distractions so you can get on with the business of feeding yourself….it’s a very clever survival tactic designed to make sure you don’t starve and it is the absolute number one reason why diets and calorie reduction will NEVER work…they are just impossible for you to get your brain around! And why, if we set too rigid a date for weight loss, and an uncompromising number as far as size is concerned, we are more likely to fail (Sorry, but it’s true!)

And fourthly…..If we enjoy the journey….we are wa-ay more likely to succeed…that is an accepted fact. We just put more energy into things that interest and delight us. So…if we get to a place where we are looking for different signs other than weight loss, such as: enjoying our meals, feeling wonderfully energised, feeling lighter, loving getting into our clothes, feeding our bodies in a naturally healthy way that they actually love to be fed (and, yes, that’s the carbs out and the fats in), using our own amazing brains with all the help that is out there in the form of hypnosis and NLP etc, to neutralise addictive behaviours around sugars and processed cabs (even then….the only way to successfully do that is by just not being interested in them any more….the actual polar opposite of CRAVE). Once our bodies start to feel more energised, we may well be more likely to want to move more, and perhaps do some form of exercise that we love (NOT hours and hours in the gym, as that’s FORCING it, right??)


And lastly five….Make PEACE with yourself and your body! You have permission, and you are entitled to love yourself, your food and your life right now! You truly don’t have to see weight loss as a battle, but as a pleasurable journey of discovery about yourself, your body, and what it truly loves to eat. Imagine how it feels like to FREE yourself from addictive urges, but also to FREE yourself from obsessing about calories, points, sins and all the rest of it. There is something in nature called Intelligent Design…I just LOVE this concept! The rule is this…. that you will naturally and effortlessly GROW towards your goals without having to force anything….quite literally just like an acorn naturally grows to be an oak tree, or an egg grows into becoming a baby…they don’t know every single detail about their growth when they first start out, but they naturally transform to the best expression of themselves effortlessly. How NICE would that be??

Just set your intention, then forget it! Be wise and use expert help to get you on the right track, and then simply ENJOY the journey, and the weight loss will be an incidental, happy, accidental side effect!

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