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Well the main reason is that we have a very different motivation for helping you lose weight….we want you to tell people how easy it was. How amazing you feel. How you KNOW you’ll never go back to those horrible old eating habits and rubbish foods.

We want you to…

  • feel at peace with your food and to enjoy your meals.
  • fire guilt right out the door.
  • love your body.
  • NEVER be on a diet EVER again!
  • realise how easy and stress-free true weight loss success can be.
  • feel wonderful and to have more energy than you’ve had for years.
  • clear up all kinds of seemingly unrelated digestive and hormonal complaints.
  • never worry when you’re going to be eating out, or visiting a buffet, or going on holiday, or celebrating birthdays and other important moments in your life.
  • have a brain that feels laser sharp and a renewed ability to concentrate for hours.

We want you to still feel like you did at 9am when you get to 4pm, instead of wanting to crawl under the nearest table and have a little nap.

  • to remember how to enjoy your life and not think about what calories might be in every single ingredient of your meals.
  • start to trust your body to tell you how good it feels….to see INCHES disappearing from your waistline…and let that be the true guide of how well you’re doing.
  • to wake up in the morning feeling great about yourself, and to look forward to enjoying your food.
  • feel RELEASED from the tyranny of diets, calories, scales and all that anxiety that you’ve ever felt around a cream cake/chocolate bar/ bag of crisps/ takeaway stodge / substitute your own guilty ‘pleasure’.
  • to feel satisfied, fulfilled and content after your meals, so that you just go and do something more interesting instead.


We want you to never look back, apart from to remember how bad your cravings used to be, and how out of control your behaviour used to be around food. To not have that awful anxiety about whether you’re going to maintain your body shape this time. We want you to feel DONE. To KNOW you’ll never go back to those old eating habits. Because THAT is the secret to true weight loss, and why we do so well……We DON’T WANT YOU TO COME BACK! (Well, only to say hello and tell us how you’re doing.. you might just want to visit the lovely top-up sessions that we sometimes run that gently help when life throws you a challenge!)

I have never wanted to compare what we do with the mainstream weight loss industry. But the fact of the matter is that they know as much about your body chemistry as I do….and how that CRAVE sensation in your body RUNS YOUR FOOD COMPULSIONS! The only thing is, we don’t want you to keep your CRAVE….in fact, I’ll go so far as to say right now that the number one reason for the success of the Breakthrough WeightLoss system, is that we know how to take away your CRAVE for you, and to help you feel exactly the opposite for those toxic food habits that are destroying your body and your self esteem.

Because that disinterest in those rubbish foods and eating habits is our secret weapon….we will give it to you, happily, to make it YOURS. We want to see as many people being truly successful in their weight loss as we possibly can. I have been obsessive about that very subject for nearly 9 years now, and I have done a vast amount of investigating and research to bring the most powerful techniques around for changing your mind about the food you eat. Put that with 20 years of nutrition and diet training and experience, and you get the best winning formula around…..You might say that I’m a weight loss bore! (Although no one has actually said it, I suspect it might be so!) I know I’m definitely called ‘The Weight Loss Lady’! What I don’t know about your body, it’s chemistry, and the way the processed food reacts in it…well, it’s just not worth knowing! And this is how we are successful. Because we will work together as a team…..

…..The mind techniques help you get into the right ‘zone’ with choosing the foods that actually naturally support your body’s own fat burning mechanisms. Then all you do is eat those foods your body has actually been asking for all this time….you don’t feel denial. you don’t feel like you’re missing out. you don’t feel hungry, miserable, tired, deprived, obsessed, de-motivated when you’re having a bad day. You don’t hate your body. you don’t feel anxious about whether you’re going to have a pudding when you go out to eat….because you just KNOW you’re not going to have a pudding when you go out to eat. Because you’re not particularly interested in puddings any more…you’re just looking forward to enjoying a meal that will leave you satisfied and fulfilled for hours after.

The true reason for our HUGE success rate?


We hand it back to you. it’s yours. You can claim it any time you want! That priceless feeling of just being calm around food. That feeling of control will ensure that you will continue into a new phase of your life where you forget you were ever on a diet, and even while you’re still in a phase where the pounds are melting away…it will feel easy and natural for you. You can’t force weight loss. It won’t work because your body chemistry won’t let you. And the thing is, you KNOW deep down I’m right. If I had a pound for every time I heard this sentence “Well I successfully lost my weight, but I put it all back on again, and then some“. Well you know what….you didn’t successfully lose it, because you put it all back on again!

Successful weight loss = permanent weight loss. Period.

I KNOW I will be your last resort. But that’s fine, I’m used to it, and I won’t take it personally! Promise! And I know you’re thinking…she’s mad! It’s too good to be true! well I won’t take that personally either, because it IS true! and we have hundreds and hundreds of satisfied customers to prove it…the trouble is…most of them have probably forgotten they ever met me! ☺

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