Motivation For Exercise

Use this download every night for a week, and then whenever you feel the need to tap into your motivation to move your body. You will be given the exact triggers you need for choosing the right [...]

Ultimate Weightloss

Start your weight loss journey here! You can also use this recording to reinforce your motivation. All the triggers in it will help you gently turn away from painful eating habits and embrace [...]

Weight Maintenance

It's time to let go of that 'dieting' feeling and begin to trust yourself and your food choices. Your body will give you powerful feedback as to the kinds of foods and amounts it actually needs [...]

Healthy Eating (New Choices)

This download will gently guide you to feel in control of your food choices, and also to re-visit those foods you may have forgotten how much you already love!

Kick The Sugar

***ALERT***....THIS PRODUCT HAS SERIOUSLY CHANGED MANY HUNDREDS OF LIVES IN THE PAST 6 YEARS!! Do you want to get your sugar desires under control? This download will allow just that!

Stop Comfort Eating

You DON'T need to reach for the sugar or stodgy foods as an irresistible source of comfort! This recording will help you find new, nurturing sources of stress relief. Listen every day for week, [...]

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