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…Why wouldn’t you??…..

It’s National ‘Eat What You Want Day’ and the perfect time, I think, to dive a little deeper into this deceptively simple diet description and the difference between ‘WANT’ and ‘CRAVE’. Because these two things are very, very different, and I believe, at the root of the big problem we have with our bodies and the food we eat today.

So what’s the difference between the two? In a nutshell, eating what you truly want makes you feel satisfied, content and fulfilled, buzzing with energy and with a crystal clear brain, happy in your own skin and loving your meals.

The other makes you feel bloated, tired, mildly depressed, foggy, heavy and with an ‘un-fillable’ feeling that gets you searching the cupboards for what to eat next, even when you know you’ve just eaten.

Eating what you really want helps you feel ready for the day when you wake up in the morning, full of energy and looking forward to a hearty breakfast.

The other makes you wake up feeling miserable, and determined not to eat the rubbish you ate the evening before. Feeling bloated and quite possibly slightly obsessed with how much you ate yesterday. And even more slightly anxious about how much you’re going to eat today. Skipping breakfast as you’re still stodged from the night before, (which unfortunately automatically sets up your crave cycle to begin for another day without you even realising it).

The difference between want and crave? Is if you give your body what it wants…it will be a happy, content, satisfied little home for you to live comfortably in. You will have a positive feeling of treating yourself well, that will contribute enormously to a higher sense of self-esteem and emotional well-being…..The benefits are myriad, both physical, mental and emotional. And what does your body want? A clean, efficient fuel system that will keep it running like the well-oiled machine it was designed to be. And it’s fat.

meat-1155132_1920Sometimes when I mention that very word to a client, I can see her eyes widen a little in disbelief…did you say FAT?? Yes, my lovely…… sumptuous, delightful delicious fat. Good or bad fats, there really is no difference….EXCEPT that the fats that are hidden in processed carbohydrates, or the vegetable fats that have been treated to turn them into trans fats….. these are indeed the dangerous, hugely damaging bad fats. Everything else is fair game…bacon fat, chicken skin, avocados, nuts, butter, cheese, cream….all these foods are what your body WANTS. And you know it really, don’t you? Because it makes you happy to even think about them! But start gently, if you must, by eating those fats that are described as ‘unsaturated’. Supplement the calories you have been eating as processed carbohydrates, and use fat as a source of fuel instead. And your body will tell you, it won’t take long.

There is a lot of information out there about this..I have a Facebook page…., which has dozens of articles and recipes, and many sites to bounce off from there too. There is so much up to date scientific research into your body chemistry and the food it actually prefers to metabolise …and more than ever now, the dangers of sugar and the real damage it can do to your body.

I will sometimes see a client who’ll tell me that they don’t like fat. But this is not true. I think it’s more likely to say that some of us have been taught to be scared of it. Because actually…everybody’s body loves fat. So many of us were brought up in an unfortunate era where fat was seen as the enemy, something to be wary of, as even dangerous or damaging to our health. But I am sincerely hoping that this idea is becoming more and more obsolete as we leave the 20th century behind, and we begin a more enlightened relationship with our bodies. As we begin to really LISTEN to what our bodies want.

You will naturally adjust the amount you eat as you fine tune your appetite…it will drop down effortlessly, without you having to try. You will notice feeling full for hours, and it will be a different kind of full….a ‘filled’ belly without the constantly bloated stomach from the processed rubbish your body has had to deal with in the past. Fat is dense. It’s heavy. And it takes AGES to digest. It’s a slow, drip, drip feed of energy that will allow your mind to be free of the constant diet-obsessed chatter that you engage with yourself. (I know, I’ve been to that particular kind of miserable thinking many times too!). In fact, you will wonder what to think about…. And as the processed food and sugar fog clears from your brain…you will have more brain power to do that!

Your energy levels won’t dip down to zero in the early afternoon and you will have energy when you get home in the evening. You won’t walk in the house starving and ready to eat the contents of the kitchen even before dinner is started. You will actually want to move your body more, and you will LOVE how that feels! I promise you. You will notice your fat cells burning off naturally, without even trying, and your clothes will feel looser as your shape adjusts to what it is naturally supposed to be. Because you will be feeding your body what it truly wants. And it will send you its happy gratitude a million times over.


Then there will be a day when you’ll suddenly remember how you used to crave those processed foods….designed in a lab to fool your body chemistry into thinking you were hungry…ALL the time! Sugar and processed food constantly forcing you to put into your mouth what you DON’T want, but you feel this crave that pulls you, and the associated thinking that supports it “Sugar is my reward/treat/little friend” “It’s my only pleasure” “I’m an emotional eater” “I can’t do without the carbs” “I love feeling full” etc, etc, etc. Even when your body is constantly telling you it’s not happy in a million different little signals and messages.

So just try a little tuning in, listen to what your body really wants, and feed it the delicious, delightful foods it truly loves…. Lower carbs. No sugar. Higher fat. And so you will begin an amazing new journey of discovery . If you just tried it for a month you would notice the changes, and more than likely enjoy your food like never before!

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