The Power of Knowing Your Story…

We tell ourselves stories all the time. It’s a part of every human experience to make up the narrative for the life we lead. We just can’t help it. Stories help us make sense of our [...]

Why throw the scales in the attic…?

“The scales are nowhere near an exact science, and definitely not a reliable reflection of what’s going on in your subtle body chemistry. The minor fluctuations on the scales are what [...]

Why women are getting angry…

I asked a lady on the BWL PRO weight loss therapy session this Wednesday how she was doing, and this was how she replied- “I’m doing great, I’ve lost a stone in 6 [...]

Take This Sugar Quiz Today!

I’ve been a Sugar Addict since I was about 3 years old… (although I had no idea about that then, of course!)     After working in the world of weight loss and food [...]

How To Lose 7lb In One Week

I thought I’d share this with you- It’s how I lost 7lb in 1 week, and it really wasn’t that hard!   It all started out as a little experiment on my facebook group, My [...]

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