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One of the most frequently asked questions by my clients is: “I’m eating out with friends, how can I manage to stay low carb?”

There are a number of little tricks and Insurance Policies you can use that will ensure you feel great about your choices, staying low carb when eating out, and no need to loosen your belt at the end of the evening!

1…CAN you choose the restaurant? If so, choose one that you know will serve food you want to eat…that way you’re 100 times more likely to be in control of your food choices when eating out

2…CAN you see the menu beforehand? Lots of restaurants and pubs now will have a downloadable menu for you so you can take all the time you need choosing what you’re going to eat before you’re sat at the table with everyone else. ‘Fore-warned is fore-armed’  in my book!

3…PICK a starter. Especially if you’re a sugar girl! That way you’ll have much more chance of having no room when it comes time for dessert.

4…CHOOSE your most favourite fat-filled sauce or dish, so you really feel like you’re not missing out compared to other who are eating higher carb meals.

5…EAT the fat and protein on your plate first! It will fill you the quickest and help you feel satisfied early on in the meal.

6…IF you feel tempted to nick a chip or finish the  mash off someone’s plate,  plea bargain with yourself  “I’m going to finish my dinner first, and if I still want those chips 10 minutes after, then I’ll have them then” You won’t, of course, your brain will have caught up with your belly and you’ll be too full by then!

7…ASK for a low carb substitute from any carb side that comes with your meal. Most restaurants and pubs will happily give you a salad instead that you can drizzle in a lovely oil or dressing. Or even order a jacket potato…just empty out the white and smother the skin in melted butter. Heaven!

8…CHOOSING the lowest carb option is sometimes the only thing that you can do to ensure staying low carb when eating out. And that’s also fine. Don’t worry if you go out of ketosis, part of the fun in a weight loss journey is realising this is all an experiment.  So now you can learn how to jump back in again! No regrets, just enjoy your meal, and enjoy returning to ‘your’ way of eating as soon as you can. There’s never any harm done with one meal. (Or even a weeks’ holiday in an all-inclusive hotel for that matter!) You can always return to feeling in control of what you eat. You just might need the right tools for tackling any subsequent cravings you’re left with.

9…DEFINITELY the most important and powerful little trick is this Insurance Policy- eat before you go out! Don’t be starving by the time you sit down! Does it really matter if you don’t ‘do justice’ to your dinner? You will feel in control from the moment you sit down, and nobody cares if you don’t clear your plate…you’re a big girl now!

10…ONE last thing to mention- if you’re a real sugar girl or boy, you might well still be worried that you’re not going to be able to resist the pudding, no matter how much you’ve eaten, or how well you’ve stuck to a low carb meal choice. Try this little trick before eating out and see how much more in control you feel when it comes to ‘crunch time’- simply use the clever technique in this video that helps stop sugar cravings in their tracks. Do it before you go out, follow the rest of the Insurance Policies in this article and you’re far more likely to be the smug one on the table you who says “No thanks, I’m far too full for pudding!”

Enjoy, and do let me know how you get on. I’m always interested to know!

Love Bridgette x



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