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I thought I’d share this with you- It’s how I lost 7lb in 1 week, and it really wasn’t that hard!


It all started out as a little experiment on my facebook group, My Diet-Less Life. I hadn’t intended it to be a plan, more just a bit of accountability from the members by posting daily what I ate.

The plan might look a bit random, and it was at the time! So I’ve put a few alternative suggestions for you that might work just as well  if you’re not keen on that particular food.


The previous few weeks had been busy, and I had been away, so I didn’t have the same kind of control over my food as I normally do, and had put on a few pounds. My body felt bloated and a bit heavier than usual, so I was really motivated to get back on track. Luckily, I’ve been enjoying a Way Of Eating that naturally controls weight gain for so long, that it was almost second nature for me to eat the right foods for the weight to drop off.

  • By the time I’d got to DAY 1, I had already been eating a lower carb/higher fat balance of foods so was ready to jump back in to Easyburn (I’m going to call it this as it’s a suitable description of what the body does when eating a lower carb/higher fat diet).


  • The idea with this way of eating is to keep it simple…that way you know exactly what you’re putting in your body. It’s not like you’re going to eat like this forever(unless you want to, that is…you’re perfectly able to!), but bringing it back to basics will help you FEEL your own natural appetite a lot easier, and that natural feeling will help you feel gently in control, rather than forcing yourself into a diet regime.


  • I weighed myself most days, just to see how my body was affected by the next morning:

**NOTE** If you don’t like olives, then use little chunks of cheese instead…if they are around the same size as olives, they’ll represent a similar nutritional value. Do the same with nuts too…small pieces of cheese, or chicken with some skin on etc, will do just as well…just keep the sizes about the same. If you don’t like hard boiled eggs, then omelettes with butter or scrambled eggs will be just as filling J

DAY 1…


BREAKFAST – 2 hard boiled eggs with tsp butter and half an avocado

LUNCH– walnuts,  feta and olives with a couple of handfuls of mixed salad out for lunch yesterday (any nuts would do…or simply add more olives  or cheese)

DINNER–  (at 5 pm ish) 2 pieces of mackerel, warmed for dinner. (If you don’t like oily fish, 3 lamb chops would do just as well, or a piece of belly pork?)


WEIGHT LOSS- 2 and a 1/2 lb the next morning as a result of getting back into Easyburn


DAY 2…


BREAKFAST– 2 hard boiled eggs with butter and 3 tbsp olives

LUNCH– roast chicken leg with tbsp full fat mayonnaise

DINNER– 1 and 1/2 pieces of salmon (skin on) with cream cheese, and a regular sized portion of cauli flower with kale, mashed with 2 tbsp butter (or any other choices of low carb veg, such as cabbage or asparagus with butter)

***I also had a couple of handfuls of peanuts at a party in the evening

***I rode about 17 miles on my bike yesterday too.


WEIGHT LOSS-  1/4 lb- interesting eh? I probably ate less yesterday than the day before! It just goes to show you how the scales don’t always truly reflect what your body chemistry is doing, and 2 things spring out at me-

–Riding my bike for nearly 3 hours and my muscle mass will have temporarily increased, and muscles weigh more than fat

–Going deeper into ketosis by reducing the carbs will have my fat cells temporarily holding onto water…which weighs more than fat!

The funny thing is I FEEL skinnier, and I KNOW I’ve dropped fat cells! Let’s see where the numbers are tomorrow! 🙂


DAY 3…


BREAKFAST– 2 hard boiled eggs with butter, 1 spicy chilli sausage(or normal good quality sausage), stir fried greens (such as cabbage) in the sausage fat

LUNCH– 2 tbsp olives, small bowl of: 1 tbsp clotted cream and 1 tbsp of almond butter , handful of brazil nuts

DINNER– Chicken leg and skin off the whole roast chicken (at about 6 ish) I also rode my bike for about an hour and a half altogether.


WEIGHT LOSS– 1 and 1/2 lb


DAY 4…


BREAKFAST– 3 slices bacon and avocado

LUNCH– 30 g or so of chopped vintage cheddar in a little olive oil with 2 tbsp olives.

DINNER– large slice belly pork and a jacket potato skin with coleslaw, at about 5 ish which was a ‘maintenance day’ as I was eating out, so no weigh-in the next morning.


Day 5…***SKINNY DAY***


BREAKFAST- M and S protein pot of 2 boiled eggs and spinach with 2tbsp hummus

DINNER– (At 4pm) 3 cooked chicken thighs and a couple of strawberries. Handful of cashews later in the early evening.




DAY 6…


BREAKFAST- 4 rashes streaky bacon and half an avocado

LUNCH– chicken breast, half a red pepper and small spoon mayo (ran out!)

DINNER– lots (as in about 100g!) vintage cheddar and olives (4 or 5 tbsp) at about 4.30 pm





BREAKFAST– 2 chopped hard boiled eggs with butter, half an avocado

LUNCH– quarter of a pack of sandwich ham, tbsp of hummus, half a pepper (rolled to make l/c ‘fajitas’)

Snack …2 tbsp almond butter and 50 ml pouring cream

DINNER– prawns in olive oil, pesto and 1 tsp sun dried tomatoes



Riding my bike for those few times this week would definitely have helped to speed up my metabolism, and so the fat-burning too. You don’t have to do as much as I did of course, but if you could use this week to experiment with your exercise too, and find something easy to enjoy you’ll really feel the difference and reap the rewards over time. Plus your body will be buzzing with health! Even if you just have a quick walk round the block most mornings, the changes happening in your body will build on themselves and you’ll be fitter than you ever thought you could be…it’s all about enjoying it though, otherwise you won’t carry on! I like to think of the world as being my gym as it’s fun and F-R-E-E!!


What do you think? Would you like to give this a go? I’m going to be running a Drop 7lb In A Week Challenge on The @Breakthroughweightloss page in September…would you like to join us? Leave a comment underneath this article, and I’ll let you have all the details on how to drop that really noticeable amount of weight and kick-start your own weight loss journey!  Enjoy! 🙂


Love Bridgette x

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