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I asked a lady on the BWL PRO weight loss therapy session this Wednesday how she was doing, and this was how she replied- “I’m doing great, I’ve lost a stone in 6 weeks, but I just feel so angry, and I’ve got no idea know why!”

As we all chatted with her, and asked a few questions to help her gain a little clarity, it quickly became clear that she was angry for the same reason that many women are today…and it’s something I’m seeing more and more…she felt cheated, and betrayed by the weight loss programmes she had been trying to stick to for most of her adult life.

Another lady on the programme had written to me a few weeks ago…

“it sounds like we’ve all had enough and enough is enough.
Been lied too, cheated out of good health,, been brought to tears, frustration and the session was amazing last night but I’m so angry with the establishment. They have gotten in to my head,well NO MORE!!!!!
I want ME, my HEALTH, my HAPPINESS and my LIFE back
It has thrown enough at us without this extra burden.
I still have so much I have not done due to restrictions that are NOT Covid related. A new normal for me came in 2017 so Covid isn’t putting the mockers on any of it.
Support is amazing ladies thank you.
I’m sick of hearing the SW dieters group of excuses!!
It’s the same old crap all the time it’s has no motivating vibes whatsoever.
It’s time for us…… “

Strong words eh??

And unfortunately they are true…the reason so many of us are so angry is the sense of waste…

All those years! All that mental energy! Not to mention the emotional energy that’s been wasted from feeling constantly defeated, by a weight loss regime based on failure at it’s very foundation.

Low calorie dieting has a basic fundamental flaw that will lead to failure every single time, and it’s this…

Your body’s survival mechanism (the fight or flight response) will never let you starve to death! And when you reduce the calories in your diet, that is exactly what she thinks is happening! So she triggers a Reaching Response that makes you reach out for food and put it in your mouth, even when you don’t want to.

This is to prevent you from a perceived threat of starvation that has been triggered in your brain. 

This is the same survival system that sends panic or alarm messages when you have a phobia or anxiety, and you already know how powerful that message is…we can’t ignore it, and we never will.

And if I know this about your brain?? Then the weight loss industry sure as sugar does too!

Unfortunately they do know that your brain is triggered by low calorie dieting… The weight loss clubs are known as a ‘revolving door’ business, because you will keep returning after each weight gain to try and lose the weight once more. The Yo-Yo diet is an inevitable outcome of starving your body of calories, and there’s nothing you can do to change that, no matter how many times you try.

Women aren’t just angry about this… they are white hot fuming!!

How dis-empowering to have been constantly trying to lose weight in a way that is impossible to maintain! How unfair! 

Some women have suffered from low self esteem their whole lives in the mistaken belief they just haven’t got enough will power. 

Or they are a victim of their own emotions, so they over-eat to compensate.

Or they are just greedy.

Or un-motivated.

Or they punish-eat when they go off plan.

Or they just can’t get organised.

The list is depressingly long!

I realised I was a sugar addict a decade ago, and it all fell into place. That’s when the penny dropped for me. When I realised it wasn’t just me…I wasn’t a greedy pig! I was an addict. And as a nutritionist, anatomist and addictions therapist, the truth dawned on me of how it had happened…by starving myself of essential calories, I had triggered my body into an addictive pattern of over-eating, followed by low calorie dieting. 

What a miserable cycle to be in!

Luckily, I had the tools to do something about it, which is how the BWL PRO  weight loss programme was born. It was for ME, first and foremost! And I was fuming too. I mean really pissed off! Once I realised what I was up against…not just the weight loss industry… the food industry also has an awful lot of our misery to answer for too!

It caused me to change the direction of my career, and concentrate on helping women lose weight and, what’s more, move on in their lives!

Because it’s only a success if you don’t go back! Being angry once you realise how much time, energy and emotion you have wasted all these years is something we can’t avoid, once we know. But at least you can do something positive about it now!

I’d like to offer you the chance to join the BWL PRO on-line programme and you can join me on next weight loss therapy session for free of course, as part of your membership.

Join here and let’s get you on a success track for your weight loss this time!

Remember, you can cancel your membership to the programme ANY TIME you want. 

There’s absolutely NO obligation to carry on if you don’t find it’s for you (which I seriously doubt, to be honest!).

What have you got to lose? Well, apart from as much weight as you want to, the cost of a month’s therapy is just £37 which is a cup of coffee a day.

Would you like to work with me on-line?

Here’s the link to the sign up page:

You’ll have masses of resources waiting for you on the programme, from the hypnotherapy to reduce sugar cravings, to all that expert nutritional advice for weight loss without the starvation. This on-line programme is developed out of a decade of the in-house weight loss therapy that will go to work re-igniting your weight loss journey straight away.

Drop an email to me here:

…If you want to know more 🙂

Love Bridgette xx

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