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break-the-crave-system-weight-loss-book-logo-breakthrough-weightlossI’ve been a Sugar Addict since I was about 3 years old…

(although I had no idea about that then, of course!)



After working in the world of weight loss and food addictions for over a decade, I can spot a sugar addict from a mile away these days! It isn’t always easy to see it for ourselves though, it often looks far more obvious from the outside than it does when you’re in the middle of it.



So I’ve put together this simple quiz to help you shine a light on your relationship to sugar. The situations below are 10 of the most common tell-tale signs of addiction.

If you tick more than 3, then you have an issue that probably needs some help. More than 5, and you definitely do!  (#10 is actually enough all on its own!)…


  1. ON WAKING IN THE MORNING (more than once or twice out of a week), you feel full of determination that you’re not going to eat any sugar today, and then at some point you give in and eat it anyway, and then you might feel disappointed or ashamed with yourself afterwards (but not necessarily!)
  2. AFTER DECIDING THAT YOU’RE JUST GOING TO EAT ONE chocolate out the box, or you’re going to just have a couple of biscuits or otherwise limit the amount of sugar, and then find that you can’t stop and you eat far more than you intended
  3. YOU BUY IT FOR OTHERS whilst out shopping and then eat it yourself instead (especially if you secretly knew you were going to eat it for yourself all along)
  4. ALL-OR-NOTHING THINKING with sugar, such as: “I’ve eaten a few chocolates/ biscuits etc already so I may as well eat all the rest” or “I’ve gone ‘off plan’ and eaten rubbish, so I may as well carry on today and start again tomorrow” or “I’ll just eat everything that’s in the house, and then it will be all gone and I can start again tomorrow “(There are lots of others, but you get the idea!)
  5. HAVING A HIDDEN STASH OF SUGAR no matter what excuse you give- “I’m hiding it so the kids don’t eat too much” is not the real reason you’re hiding it!… It’s a STASH, and you’re concealing sugar from others for different, more personal reasons
  6. THINKING ABOUT SUGAR when you’re in the middle of something else and/or  having out-of-control thoughts about sugar that just won’t go away
  7. GOING WELL OUT OF YOUR WAY FOR IT (especially if you’ve already decided to not have any that day)
  8. CUTTING CALORIES OUT YOUR DAILY DIET to ‘make up’ for the fact that you’ve eaten sugar, or even cutting out meals altogether because you’ve binged on sugar earlier in the day
  9. EATING OTHER PEOPLE’S SHARE with or without their knowledge
  10. THIS IS THE ABSOLUTE DECIDER and #1 sign that you’re an addict…You ‘sneaky’ eat when no one else is around for the sole purpose that you don’t want anyone else to see you doing it, no matter what  your reasoning  may be behind it. This is because you’re hiding your behaviour from others, and it is classic addictive behaviour! Even if you have 100 different justifications for it,  and indeed, for all of the above on the list, it’s still addiction. The truth is we always tell ourselves little stories to make it sound not-so-bad when we’re in the middle of addictive behaviours.

Don’t worry, you’re not a done deal and there’s lots you can do to take back control of your relationship with sugar- and it doesn’t have to be painful either!

Love Bridgette x

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  • Katie L Cookson

    i am such a sugar addict most of the answers were yes!!!!

  • Sandra

    What a really useful tool. I didn’t think I was too bad but this has shown me a different picture

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