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Lynne’s first visit to see me was on the 23rd May this year…This is her story, written on 12th July….

“When visiting Bridgette I did not know what to expect but what I did know was that I felt I needed a jump start to get me to be able to control and understand my eating habits and to be able to discuss any areas that I had concerns with, sometimes it is not just the food it is how you feel at the time.

After my first session I came out feeling very calm and focussed as to what I needed to do, it was not all plain sailing but Bridgette gave me the tools to manage my eating urges and habits. I was given the tools to say ‘NO’ which was an absolutely fantastic feeling and that feeling has still not gone away.

The food that I was recommended to eat was so far out of my comfort zone I felt that surely this wasn’t right but I have been proved wrong and have started to have a weight loss, so far I have lost 1.5 stone however this is not a one off fad, this is a lifetime change and since i started with Bridgette I have not had or wanted any chocolate, or cake, which was my biggest downfall, I have also started to exercise on a regular basis which has also had an impact on my weight loss.

I realise that I still have a long way to go and am starting with baby steps and have set goals along the way which I have achieved so far.

I have found the experience quite easy, sometimes I feel is it too easy, I have felt calmer across all areas of my life which is great but I have also been able to recognise when I needed to go and see Bridgette for my next session, the’ 20 minute holiday’ is a very useful tool but at the end of the day the ‘proof is in the pudding’ and the pudding is looking good on it!

After going through the therapy for the first time I thoroughly recommend it and hopefully the tools that Bridgette has provided me with along with the focus groups will keep me on track moving forward.”

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