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shelly beforeafterShelly attended a 6 week course of small group sessions, here are her before and after photos as well as her story…

I’d like to thank Bridgette for all she has done for me. I’ve been a size 20 and miserable for so many years. I stumbled across Bridgette in a advert for hypnosis, I called and arranged a appointment. My life changed since then. This beautiful lady taught me how to be alive. No diet. No hatred, no more anti me. I banished sugar out my life. I learned how to like myself again. It’s been a road to recovery, but I’ve gone from a 20 to a 14, and this believe me was no feat! But gone is the mind washing “fat is bad”,I now believe and practice the fact that I eat how a human was indeed ment to eat, no processed, no more brain washing low fat high sugar , rubbish, has made me healthier ( I’ve had my bloods taken by a doubting GP, and all is great! ) I recommend Bridgette Hamilton, and if you ever need a reference, please feel free!!!!

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