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You would imagine that successfully losing weight just requires that we eat the right food. But that’s a very black and white view. I’ve heard it often, and it’s usually from people who’ve never had a problem with their weight! If it was just food, we would all be a size 10, and the diet industry wouldn’t exist! The real truth is that long term diet success is 50% down to the food you eat and 50%  mindset. In fact I will confidently say that if you get your mindset right, the rest will naturally follow easily!

Of course the actual food you put in your mouth is what creates the right inner body chemistry necessary for weight loss to happen. BUT it’s not the whole story. We don’t lose the weight permanently for a very good reason and that’s because we use the same old attitude and expectations as we did before. When we do that, we will end up with the same result…that is an absolute given.

It’s time to click the ‘re-set’ button and try a new way of thinking..

I’ve been in business for quite a few years and these days I know there are golden rules when it comes to being successful. These are rules that you soon learn not to break otherwise you just doom yourself to constant failure. This  same mindset applies to successful weight loss too.

So how do we get into this brilliant mindset for success? Whether its running a massive global corporation (trust me…I don’t!), or you’re just out to shed a few pounds, the right attitude is just the same:

 1…Mind Your Own Business!

Basically, running a successful business doesn’t come with a formula…nobody has the right answers for you and you have to figure out a lot of it for yourself. Even if someone runs a similar one, yours will have slight variations depending on your own personality. How does this unique approach translate into weight loss? Well no two bodies are the same and what one person eats in a day is very different from everyone else.

Don’t believe me?

How many times have you compared your eating to a spouse or friend with a super-high metabolism? Generally men can eat for Britain and not put weight on, but we simply look at that late night slice of toast  and we’ve put on half a pound! Not fair! But unfortunately a fact of life. If you want to shed the pounds, you’re going to have to accept that you won’t eat the same way as everyone in the room! This makes it all the more important that you enjoy what you do eat and find a way of eating that makes you happy, so you don’t feel like you’re missing out.

2…Let It Go!

If a particular way of doing things doesn’t  work and it’s been done to death  and it still doesn’t work, then a canny business owner will let it go, chalk it down to experience and move on to the next thing. No one in their right minds would keep repeating the same thing year in year out and expect it to work the next time, just because they believe they now have more motivation! And yet we do the same calorie restricted diet, in the same old way, and believe that this time it’ll be different because we’ve somehow developed steely determination. Or we’re now stronger willed. It’s really flawed thinking and it’s time to find something else that works instead. We have to stop fooling ourselves into thinking that if we just try harder, our brains will decide to be more co-operative and let us lose weight! They won’t!

3…Rinse and Repeat!

For me, once I find that right way of working, the perfect campaign that sets the right message, or a clever little way to delight clients that leaves them raving about me. Then I’ve hit the magic formula, and I’ll expect to get a predictable result. I will then repeat the same strategy and get the same results again! Think about weight loss this way: your food isn’t meant to entertain you. So find a few choice dishes that you enjoy and you know work for you. Then eat them regularly.  It’s about trusting the results. Once you know something works for you, it will again…and again…and again!

4…It’s All A Great Big Experiment!

In business, we are constantly trying out new ways to do things…we never stop learning. We don’t see ourselves as a failure if we don’t get it right 100% of the time. That would be madness! And yet we see ourselves as a failure if we don’t eat the food that we intended to in a day. Or we eat more than we thought we would. Instead of being able to learn about what our triggers might have been that day, we beat ourselves up and tell ourselves we ‘must try harder’ tomorrow!

For example:  you come home in the evening and you’re tired, and you haven’t eaten very much during the day. And you go straight for the biscuit tin. It’s not very surprising! You will reach for a quick source of fuel (sugar) because your body is crying out for it …you’re not a greedy pig! Far from it. You’re just obeying your body’s impulse to survive (and there’s not much you can do to stop that by the way!) So next time that happens, try this instead beating yourself up. Decide to eat properly during the day! When your body needs the fuel, and don’t wait till you get in because you now know it’s too late by then. Stay open to learning what works and what doesn’t for you.

5…Play The Long Game.

Overnight successes are very rare, no matter what the internet might tell us. And most wise business people realise very early on that they will be investing time and money into a business that will take years to grow and develop. And  I believe this is the most vital lesson for weight loss too. It’s not fair to expect an immediate result from your body. The number on the  scales is often the result of whatever you ate a couple of days ago so try to stop weighing yourself too regularly (at least no more than weekly) and see your weight loss as an overall long term goal. Imagine where your body will be at least a couple of seasons down the line.

This follows on from seeing it as an experiment, because if you decide to take a little more time to get it right, and learn from your past ‘mistakes’, you’re more likely to succeed in the long term.

6…Enjoy Yourself!

This is by far the most powerful piece of advice that I could give you for success in any area of  life…enjoy it! Ok, so running a business might not have you leaping out of bed with joy every morning! But we sure do get excited when we have a new idea we want to try out! We love what we do, so we invest much more time and energy into it. That’s what creates success in the long run..the love of doing it. Otherwise it simply won’t work and never will. It won’t flow. The ideas would dry up, and the business would ultimately suffer from neglect.

So why see weight loss as a pain? A chore?  Something to suffer through?  Something that needs constant cheer-leading from your bored family and friends?  Something that you’re dreading having to do? HOW ON EARTH can that spell success?

The very thought has failure written all over it! So find a way of eating that you LOVE! Food that you love to cook! Look forward to that great feeling  in the morning when you ate well the day before. Reward yourself with positive self talk often. Give yourself the chance to do it well by not starving yourself! Give yourself every advantage you can by treating your body like she deserves…like the Queen of the company, not the office cleaner!!

So follow these simple little tricks: take ownership, stay open, trust what works, see it all as a big experiment and take the pressure off yourself for immediate results…you will  begin to enjoy yourself that way and it will flow. You’ll turn your experience of weight loss around 180% degrees…I promise you that!

If you’re excited by what you’ve just read, and would like to read the exact steps for successful lifelong weight loss…then

Every step is set out for you in a clear and practical way so you will know exactly what to do to achieve your own Unique Body Goal, enjoy effortless lifelong weight loss, and move on!

Love Bridgette x

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