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As the new year excitement wears off how do you keep your weight loss successful beyond determined January intentions?

We’re just about to jump into the 2nd week of January, the Festive holidays are a dim and distant memory, hunger pangs and sugar cravings are maybe making their presence felt. And it’s cold. There are more than a few very good reasons for abandoning the diet idea that seemed so perfect a week ago, and falling back into old eating habits again. In fact, The amount of persuasion to talk ourselves out of it right now is endless. The trouble is…some of it is true…It is cold, and it’s really not the time of year to start dieting. And what’s more…you really do need your comfort foods right now! Who needs weight loss anyway??

Dieting is a rubbish idea at this time of year. But that’s because it’a a rubbish idea at any time of year. Our bodies always need comfort food. We always need to enjoy our meals, and we deserve to relish our meals!


Let’s burst that little bubble once and for all, so we can get on with losing the pounds without missing out on comfort or feelings of enjoyment. And we’ll be ditching the diet into the back end of 2020, never to be seen again! Does that sound good? 


There’s no point in trying to summon an ounce of will-power in this weather…especially when it comes to restricting calories… its a lose-lose situation. You’re back to square one before you can say “pass the biscuits”. Unfortunately your body has some very deep programming that will fight against calorie restriction in the cold weather. She’s not going to let you win this battle for long, because this is part of your survival, and you can’t compete with that kind of programming one bit.

I’m going to tell you right now- even if your resolve’s faltering at this time…you have not failed! Not by a long shot! In fact you can turn all this around and make 2021 a win-win situation for your weight loss. The first thing to realise is that really enjoying your way of eating  means you won’t feel like there’s any diet to abandon, and nothing to feel like a failure about. Bearing this in mind, lets look at a way of eating that we know is sustainable, enjoyable and feels like a way of life…a lifestyle, not a diet. The change might sound drastic when you put it like that, but it’s actually very simple.

You Let Your Body Lose The Weight For You!

How? By feeding your body on a deeper level. In other words, a way of eating that satisfies your body on a deeper level.January Weight Loss

When we eat processed carbs or sugary food, we become stodged and bloated. We’ve become accustomed to that message telling us that we’re full. But these foods don’t actually make you feel satisfied, because processed carbs and sugary food don’t signal to the brain that you’ve eaten. You may have bloated your belly, but your brain hasn’t recognised that. In order to enjoy a deeper feeling of satisfaction we need to trigger the brain into registering that we’ve eaten.

We do this easily actually…by eating good fats, proteins and complex leafy carbs and veg. They are dense, heavy and sit in your belly for hours. They take time to chew and even longer to absorb, which allows your brain time to register that you’ve eaten. One of the lovely side effects of eating denser food is a reduction in bloating, (it usually just a takes a couple of days for this to start happening!). Once your belly shrinks to it’s natural size, the nerves that surround it become re-sensitized. This re-triggers the nerves into signalling to your brain that your belly is full. (It takes 3 weeks for it to shrink back to it’s natural size, but you’ll start feeling satisfied long before). The lovely side effect of this?- your appetite will naturally drop and you can stop worrying about portion control.


A baby instinctively knows when it’s full. It’s food is dense and full of fats and proteins. You have an instinctive cut-off point too…it’s just been buried under the processed carbs and sugars!


These sensations in your body are completely natural. You will feel so satisfied and content eating in this way, you’ll automatically be enjoying your meals again, and so won’t feel like you’re missing out! Enjoying your meals makes it a cinch to ditch the old ‘diet and denial’ approach to weight loss for a healthier, much more sustainable way of eating. It’s a relief from all that emotional and physical stress caused by low fat dieting too…how nice?!

The bottom line is that we can lose weight by eating foods that satisfy us, as long as we ditch the processed carbs and sugars, it’s as simple as that!

The CRAVE sensation is the opposite feeling from being satisfied and content, and it’s what drives our out-of-control eating habits.

It’s triggered by eating processed carbs and sugar and is located just under your ribs. It feels like a little tickle, or a pulling sensation and is a message from the nervous system (your survival programming). The CRAVE drives your powerful REACHING mechanism to reach for simple sugars. Your body can re-stock up on lost calories as quickly as possible that way…it’s never the broccoli is it?? It’s out of your control, and is almost completely irresistible. You really can’t deny that CRAVE feeling for long, because it’s your survival instinct and there’s nothing you can do to control that. The bottom line is, that your body will never let you starve, and reducing calories tricks her into believing exactly that…that you’re starving. Once you’re in that holding pattern of behaviour (aka the yo-yo diet), brought about by calorie restriction, it’s almost impossible to break out of.

However the feeling of being full-filled occurs when you’ve eaten dense, satisfying food. It’s registered as an intense feeling of satisfaction in your nervous system. You can feel it…it’s soooo nice it makes you sigh with pleasure… it’s why babies make a satisfying little noise when they eat. They can feel that intense pleasure.

Try it for yourself- eat a really filling (but not bloating) meal…something like cheesy courgetti spagetti 

(the video is for pork, but you can mix it with lashings of melted cheese if you wanted instead). It takes your brain 20 minutes to fully register that you’ve eaten, so wait a few minutes before you check that feeling. Can you sense that difference? Once you connect with that feeling, you can use it as a guide for what’s really pleasurable for you. The reason why our appetite feels out of control is simply that our nervous system is not sending us that deeper message. Once it does, you will enjoy a natural cut off point in your appetite that won’t need any will power or determination.

Lower Carb Foods Stimulate A Natural Fat Burning System within our Bodies

And here’s the magic formula- drop the sugar, processed carbs of all kinds and up your fats and proteins, it’s that simple… really!

Once you ditch the carbs, your body becomes a natural fat burning machine…how cool is that?? Your body really will do the rest for you if you stop trying to force it to be thin, because it will always rebel against you eventually!

And that’s it really…your body will naturally do the rest for you! The low-fat myth is a bubble that is well and truly beginning to burst as we learn that it never was a sustainable lifestyle for weight loss…otherwise we would all have been a size 10 years ago, and the weight loss industry wouldn’t still be making billions out of us!

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