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If I’m anything to go by, my persuasive little ‘Justifier’ could talk me into committing all kinds of misdemeanours if I didn’t hold her in check! She’s got a crooning little voice that could charm the birds out the trees, and has the most logical justifications for doing something that I KNOW would be a very bad idea if I actually listened to her! Most of the time I am very well able to keep the worst of her little suggestions in check, especially as they usually involve painful situations with crazy car drivers or unashamed rip-off merchants.

However. I recognise that her voice is sometimes soo persuasive, and soo logical that it’s hard to resist her very clever words. And that is usually when sugar is involved. Or should I say was. I am a sugar-holic that can resist the Sweet White Stuff now, luckily. I’m more able to recognise her voice and have a little giggle at the fact that, after all these years she’s still in my head! Oh yes, she has never left me! And I’m wise enough now to know she never will. She takes me by surprise at odd times -in the supermarket, or when I’m eating out and I see the dessert case. At these moments she will still take a moment of my time before I gently rein her in and sit back on my own shoulder, all the better to get a good view of who she is….my little Justifier. (That’s the perfect name for her!)

So what has your Justifier got to say to you?

Does she say just the right thing, at just the right moment? (Or you might say wrong moment if she’s hijacking your intentions). I know from years of talking to clients that there are certain situations, and certain little conversations with her, that will get you caving in faster than a hungry kid in a sweet shop!


Here are 10 of the most common conversations, and what you can do about them.

Situation 1 – Eating out with old friends:

Your Justifier will say “We always have a pudding, my friends will be really disappointed if I don’t share one with them” NOT true- your friends won’t be that bothered…trust me! They don’t need to hear about your latest diet. Just say you’re full!

Situation 2 – Similar to 1, but out for coffee and cake with a friend:

Again, the Justifier will say “We always eat cake when we go out, my friend will think I’m being unfriendly!” She really won’t you know…the chances are that she’s wanted to give the cake a miss at some point too. Enjoy a really creamy full fat latte instead- it’s just as luxurious, and an antidote to that sugar.

Situation 3 – In after a long day and you’re starving:

Justifier- “I’m just going to grab a small bite of something, I’ve worked hard today, I deserve it.” You know it won’t stay at one small bite. Eat cheese. And next time don’t be hungry. You deserve to wake up tomorrow morning feeling good, not suffering from a sugar hangover.

Situation 4 – Emotional situation with a close one:

The Justifier- “I’m going to eat what I want, and I don’t care what you think!” I’ve got news for you- your little rebel has aged somewhat. And to be honest, nobody really cares any more if you eat cake. The only person you’re ever rebelling against is yourself! Be a true rebel and do something nice for yourself, like taking time out for YOU!

Situation 5 – Emotional situation with a close one:

Your Justifier- “Cake/chocolate/biscuits are my only comfort, I deserve to eat them!” You know yourself the comfort is a hollow one. Have a really hearty meal, and find a way to be really nice to yourself with your fave film/ simple pleasure/ self care routine.

Situation 6 – Emotional situation with a close one:

Your Justifier- “I feel so bad for what I said, I don’t deserve to be slim/loved/healthy” And of course you absolutely know that you deserve to be even more nice to yourself, because the chances are that you haven’t been doing!

Situation 7 – The work meeting biscuit pile:

The Justifier -“Well everyone else is, so why can’t I?” Because you made a decision 10 minutes before walking in the meeting room that you weren’t going to have any sugar. Eat cheese, nuts, and other filling protein and full fat foods before you go in and the sugar won’t be half so appealing then.

Situation 8 – Being tempted. Simply anywhere, but having that irresistible REACHING feeling for the sugar:

Your little Justifier- “I’ll start the diet on Monday/ after my hols/ in the new year” You’re putting off that little moment when you can sit on your own shoulder and take a moment to really listen to her! She’s just making you stall your good intentions, and you know that really. The antidote to this particular stalling situation is this….it will LITERALLY keep you in a holding pattern of addictive sugar urges for ever! Try and imagine still doing the same thing in 10 or 20 years time- how depressed does that make you feel?!

Situation 9 – Being tempted. Simply anywhere, but having that irresistible REACHING feeling for the sugar:

Your Justifier- “Well I’m alright as I am really. And I’m getting older so there’s really no need to be vain any more. And anyway, nobody is going to tell me what my body should look like!” The trouble with this little persuasion is that it’s true! (She’s so clever!). but you still don’t want to eat sugar because it’s slowly damaging your lovely, beautiful body!

Situation 10 – You’ve been bought sugar by someone as a pressie. This is by far number 1 in the persuasion stakes. (I mean- how can you not?):

Your little Justifier- “It would be really ungrateful if I didn’t eat them or just threw them away! It’s not like I bought them. I won’t get any myself, I’ll just eat these because they are a pressie. I feel valued/treated/ appreciated by this pressie, so I deserve to eat it. What a lovely gesture, it would devalue it if I wasn’t appreciative. Ooh, my favourites- “How did you know? Oh no! You shouldn’t have- Oh go on then!” The antidote? Give them to someone who would like and appreciate them. There…you both got a gift. You get the gift of feeling like a million dollars when you say “no” to sugar, and you won’t offend your friend if you give them away later.

The best gift ever is being really, I mean really nice to yourself…when you feel on top of the world because you just made a decision to Kick the Sugar…and you did it! Well done!

I’ve been helping people Kick the Sugar (and other rubbish eating habits!) for over a decade now, so I’m quite good at making that happen.



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