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Wesley worked with me on a 1-1 basis earlier this year…here he shares his weightloss journey…

What problems did you have with losing weight before we worked together?

My biggest problem by far was always getting back into a better way off eating after having time away or going through a tough time. Food has always been used as a celebration, stress relief and as a treat for me. Something is always going on in my life as you know so the poor choices were always happening and I found that very difficult, sometimes impossible to get away from. Now I have the energy and ability to accept the things in life but to not let myself express that with unhelpful food choices.

What did working with me do to help you address this problem?

I think the reason you have succeeded where others had failed in the past is as much to do with you as a person and the way you are as much as what you do.

Although I can appear confident and loud to most people I was able to talk about the random annoying crap that I was caught up in personally and you understood and quite often related.

Your techniques and choice of words were always measured, considerate and personnel and you’re approachable worldly attitude combined with your passion for what you do were inspiring to me.

What you feel has changed for you since the sessions?

My life has changed considerably and all for the better, I’m better at choosing my food, choosing how I spend my time and choosing how I want to be without really being conscious of the choosing the changes. If I feel myself struggle or begin to feel myself faltering too much I listen to your recordings and they get me back on track.

Finally what would you say to others considering working with me?

It bloody works!! Better habits, better food, no starving or craving even if you work 18 hours a day.

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